In a terrible accident, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot a Cinematographer with a prop gun and further, injured a director. Halyna Hutchins, a 42-year-old lady who was the director of photography, was shot by a prop gun and was rushed to the hospital via helicopter. Still, unfortunately, she died of her fatal injuries.

Along with her, Joel Souza, the director of the movie also suffered an injury and was flown to the hospital.

The Facts of the Matter

This incident occurred when Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun in the New Mexico film set. After the incident, the actor Baldwin was seen outside the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office, interviewed by the police officers. Alec Baldwin came in voluntarily and provided his statements to the detectives.

A person on behalf of Mr. Baldwin claimed that the incident involved the misfiring of a prop gun with blanks. Baldwin is not only the actor but also the co-producer of the movie. Alec Baldwin is the eldest among his four brothers and starred in numerous TV shows and film roles in the 1980s. Miss Hutchins loss is devastating news and a terrible loss for the country.

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Who Was Halyna Hutchins, the Woman who Alec Baldwin Shot?

The bright young lady belonged to Ukraine and spent her childhood on a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle. She completed her journalism in Kyiv and a film in the city of Los Angeles. She held the beautiful title “rising star,” which was honoured to her by the American Cinematographer magazine in the year 2019. She was the director of photography for the movie Archenemy, which was directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer. This action-packed movie was released in the year 2020.

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How Often Does Such Fatal Incidents Take Place In The film industry?

This kind of fatal incident does not occur at regular intervals. This kind of fatal shooting on the film sets is practically very rare and unheard of. Real firearms are quite often used in filming a particular death scene of a character.

The arms are loaded with blanks-cartridges which create a flash and a bang without even discharging a projectile. These fatal incidents, when they occur on a film set, leave everyone in a terrific situation, and the same happened in the sets of “Rust.”

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A similar fatal incident took place in the year 1993 with Brandon Lee.

A similar incident took place back in 1993 with Brandon Lee, a 28-year-old bright champ who was shooting a death scene. He was also accidentally shot with a prop gun while filming for a death scene for The Crow. Brandon Lee is the son of the late famous martial artist, Bruce Lee.

After examining the Gun, it was later found that the Gun had already fired a round which caused a cartridge; this lodged the barrel. When some of the blanks were fired, later on, the cartridge was dislodged and released.