Bollywood actor Rahul Vohra died due to COVID-19 just after hours of his plea for better treatment. He was 35 years old. The news of Vohra’s death comes just a day after he posted on his Facebook page saying ‘he could have been saved if he had received proper treatment, and he will be born again soon.’

On Saturday, Rahul Vohra shared a heart-breaking post on Facebook from hospital. “Mujhe bhi treatment achha mil jaata to main bhi bach jaata, he wrote, adding details of which hospital he was in and also he said “Jald janam lunga aur achha kaam karunga, ab himmat haar chuka hu.” He tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi in his post.

This post translates to – I would have lived had I received better treatment, I will be reborn soon and do good work, have lost my courage now. The post can be seen here:

Mujhe bhi treatment acha mil jata,
To main bhi bach jata tumhaara Irahul Vohra

Name-Rahul Vohra
Age -35
Hospital name…

Posted by Irahul Vohra on Saturday, 8 May 2021


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Rahul Vohra was admitted at the Rajeev Gandhi Super Specialty hospital, Tahirpur and was shifted to Ayushman Hospital, Dwarka, on Saturday evening. Theatre director-playwright Arvind Gaur confirmed the news of Vohra’s demise on Facebook.

Arvind Gaur shared a post saying, “Rahul Vohra is gone. My promising actor is no more. Yesterday Rahul had said that ‘Had I got good treatment, I would have been saved too.’ Yesterday evening he was shifted from Rajiv Gandhi Hospital to Ayushman, Dwarka, but… Rahul we all could not save you, sorry we are your culprits. Last bow..”

Irahul Vohra चला गया। मेरा होनहार एक्टर अब नहीं रहा। कल ही राहुल ने कहा था कि “मुझे अच्छा ईलाज मिल जाता तो मैं भी बच…

Posted by Arvind Gaur on Saturday, May 8, 2021


Rahul Vohra was admitted in hospital for over a week; last week on May 4, he shared a post on Facebook in which he wrote that he had been taken to hospital four days earlier after testing positive for COVID-19. He wrote in emergency of needing oxygen; he asked, “Where can I get an oxygen bed?”, he added to it by saying that he is writing this post out of desperation.

His wife Jyoti Tiwari, while accusing the hospital where the actor was being treated for COVID-19 of medical negligence took to her Instagram handle and shared a video of her late husband in which he could be heard speaking in Hindi which translates to ‘This is very valuable in today’s time. Without this, patients suffer. But nothing is coming through this one, nothing at all.’


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Jyoti, while demanding justice for her late husband, shared a note in Hindi which translates to, ‘Justice for every Rahul. Everyone knows that my Rahul left us but no one knows how he died. This is the kind of treatment he got. I hope my husband will get justice. Another Rahul should not die in this manner. #justiceforirahulvohra.’


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