Recently, Tollywood actress Hamsa Nandini took to her social media and shared about her battle with breast cancer. The Tollywood actress and dancer, popular for her appearance in Telegu item numbers, had been away from social media since August. On December 20th she came up with the reason for her absence through an Instagram post revealing that she has been identified with Grade 3breast cancer.

Hamsa Reveals Her Story Through Instagram Post

On Monday, she posted a photo of her beginning with, “No matter what life throws at me, no matter how unfair it may seem, I refuse to play the victim. I refuse to be ruled by fear, pessimism, and negativity. I refuse to quit. With courage and love, I will push forward.”


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Talking About Losing Her Mother Because of the Same Disease

After a gap, she added, “4 months ago, I felt a tiny lump in my breast. That very moment I knew that my life was never going to be the same. 18 years ago I had lost my mom to a dreadful disease and I had since lived under its dark shadow. I was scared.”

She told how her mother also suffered from breast cancer and died at the age of 40. After the passing away of her mother, she had been afraid all these years of the disease. She said that she had already gone under nine cycles of chemotherapy and seven more to go.

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Her Actions and Reactions after Identifying the Symptoms

After she noticed the small lump in her breast she met up with a clinic that identified the symptoms of breast cancer. She was asked to meet a surgical oncologist immediately and after she did, theoncologist told her to do a biopsy. The test confirmed her fears of Cancer and she was diagnosed with a Grade III Invasive Carcinoma (Breast Cancer).

After plenty of tests and scans, she fearlessly walked into the Operation Theatre where her tumor was removed. The doctors ensured that she was lucky to identify cancer early and that there was no spread. From where she saw a positive bright side of hope which she called “A silver lining.”

After getting some relief, soon she was informed that she was tested positive for BRCA1 (Hereditary Breast Cancer), which says that her cancer is genetic and guaranteed of having a 70% chance of another Breast Cancer and a 45% chance of Ovarian Cancer all her life.

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Her Promise to Herself

Even after facing so much, she stayed strong and promised herself a few things,

“I will NOT let this disease Define My Life and that I will fight it with a Smile and Win.

I will get back on screen Better & Stronger.

I will tell my story so that I can help Educate & Inspire others.

And, I will Consciously Celebrate Life & all it has to offer.”

Her Gratitude for Everyone

Nandini ended her post by thanking the doctors and their team for treating her, her family and friends for supporting her, and also her fans for their concern who kept messaging her asking about her absence from social media. She claimed to be refusing to quit and look toward her disease with a strong and positive attitude hoping the best and preparing for the worst.