Adobe has brought a new “invite to edit” feature for collaborators to work together on their Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco projects. The American software and multimedia company offers an entire suite of software for creative professionals like designers, illustrators and artists to convert their imagination into a digital form.  

“Starting today, we make collaborating with others when working together on Photoshop and Illustrator documents much easier with the new Invite to Edit feature. This is a huge time saver for teams working on shared projects,” the company wrote in its blog announcing the feature.  

The new “invite to edit” feature lets a user type an email address of the person they want to collaborate with and send them access to a file they are working on. However’ the feature does come with a limitation. The collaboration process will not be entirely seamless as collaborators will not be able to work on a particular project at the same time. 

A collaborator will be able to open up a particular project, make their own changes, save it and have it synced back to the original machine where the project was started. If a person is already editing the file, the new collaborator will get an option to either make a copy of the file and make the changes in it or wait until the current editor is done with the work. 

Thus, it is not quite as close to the seamlessness Google docs offers. But it does save the efforts one had to make previously by emailing a file, waiting for the changes, receiving it and continuing this back and forth.  

According to Adobe, the feature works with any .PSD and .AI files that are saved on Adobe’s cloud and it already available in Adobe XD as well. One interesting thing to note is that if a collaborator messes up, they would be able to reverse course as the feature comes with a version history where a person would be able to see all the changes made.   

According to the tech website The Verge, Adobe had reportedly announced this feature in development in October last year. Since then, it has been building efficient collaboration features into its service called Creative Cloud. The service is much akin to Google Suit and bundles a collection of over 20 apps related to photography, design, UX, etc. Adobe’s stand-alone apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and DC are all part of the Creative Cloud.  

In October 2020, the company had announced another collaboration feature for its Creative Cloud service. The new collaboration feature enables professionals to share links of their Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco cloud documents to their peers and get feedback on it. 

Additionally, users are now able to seamlessly work on Creative Cloud documents on multiple devices. So a user can work on a photoshop project on their iPad and pick it up where they left it off on a desktop later.