In a heartwarming development, a 12-year-old boy beat COVID-19 after spending 65 long days on the ECMO support. For the unversed ECMO stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) treatment.

In KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad, doctors treated a 12-year-old Sourya who was a Covid-19 patient. It should be noted that he is not the first patient across India to survive this long without a Lung Transplant but also the first case in Asia.

The Earlier Incidents Before Getting on ECMO

In August, the young patient, Sourya got covid and went through trials, but in the reports, it only showed that he was infected with undiagnosed viral pneumonia. As COVID-19 wasn’t detected back then, he experienced a multi-organ infection. When in Lucknow’s Midland Healthcare and Research Centre, doctors discovered advanced Covid pneumonia in his body, the boy was airlifted from UP to Hyderabad to the private KIMS Hospital.

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Relief after the Doctor’s Statement

As per the statement of the doctors, Sourya’s case is the only recorded case where the patient fully recovered from this serious infection after bearing this type of life support for over two months. On Friday, the professionals at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospital declared that the 12-year-boy has almost recovered and was out of danger to stop getting the ECMO treatment.

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What Do Doctors Say About Kids and Comorbidities

The doctors stated that treating small children is challenging as they have fragile bodies, and Covid-19 can create multiple co-morbidities, muscle weakness caused by medications used to serve the primary condition, repeated infections in the bloodstream, and secondary infections in their airways over and above dense non-resolving pneumonia

Words of the Professionals

Dr. Prabhat Dutta, Chief Intensivist, KIMS Heart and Lung Transplant Institute, said, “This boy had critical illness syndrome on arrival. This also included a myopathy caused by steroids and immunomodulating therapy for severe Covid. It required a herculean effort for over 2 months till he recovered well enough for ECMO discontinuation. It is really a satisfying moment for us.” The doctor also praised and thanked the nursing and physiotherapy team for their full efforts and dedication to saving the life of the child.

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Family’s Happiness After Son’s Recovery

The family received their best Christmas gift this year after their boy fought and survived the viral infection, “I am so grateful to the doctors and paramedical staff who have not just given me back my little boy but my entire life,” said an emotional Renu Shrivastava, mother of Sourya, to the media.