A Mumbai court ordered Rhea Chakraborty’s bank account to be unfrozen and her belongings to be returned. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) had her bank accounts frozen last year after she was arrested in a drug case after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

Rhea Chakraborty’s Bank Account Recovered

In a recent judgement, a special court granted actor Rhea Chakraborty’s request to defrost her bank accounts, which had been frozen during the investigation of the narcotics case filed against her by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) last year. The court also granted her request for the recovery of her laptop and phone, which were confiscated during the investigation into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput last year.

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Petition was Filed by Rhea

Rhea Chakraborty stated in her petition that she is “an actor/model by profession” and that “NCB frozen the bank accounts and FDs without reason by Notice dated 16/09/2020, and it is inflicting gross unfairness and prejudice to her.” Her application claimed that the bank account must be operational in order to pay her employees’ salaries and to meet numerous tax obligations, such as GST payments. The actress claimed that the money in her bank accounts is enough to sustain her own lifestyle. Her sibling is reliant on her as well. She claimed that her bank accounts had been locked for ten months, incurring her hardship, and that they should be unfrozen.

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Atul Sarpande Stood Opposite to Rhea

The NCB was represented by Special Public Prosecutor Atul Sarpande, who opposed the application, claiming that the financial investigation into the matter is still ongoing. Sarpande argued that defrosting the accounts would jeopardise the probe. It was also claimed that if the bank accounts were unfrozen, there was a substantial risk of the money being used in drug mafia and drug-related businesses. As a result, he advocated for the application to be rejected. However, the case’s investigating officer advised that the issue should be left to the court’s discretion.

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No Reasonable Objection from the NCB

“From the response of the investigating officer, it seems that there is no reasonable objection from the NCB side for defreezing Chakraborty’s bank accounts and FDs,” stated special judge DB Mane. “In such instances, Chakraborty is obligated to defreeze the bank accounts and FDs subject to conditions and undertakings supported by an affidavit declaring that during the pendency and conclusion of the case, she shall make the outstanding balance, as shown in the involved account as on 16/09/2020, readily accessible for passing necessary orders, as and when needed,” the judge added.

Macbook, Laptop and iPhone to be Returned to Rhea

Rhea Chakraborty made another request, this time for the return of her Apple Macbook Pro laptop and iPhone. Atul Sarpande stated that the articles were confiscated and transferred to a laboratory, which they have since received. The actress has already been notified by the investigating officer to collect her belongings, according to the report. The court ordered that the devices be returned to Rhea on a ‘Supurtnama’ basis after proper authentication and identification, as well as the execution of a Rs 1,000,000 indemnification bond.