After IndiGo airlines, Alliance Air was recently alleged of denying a specially-abled passenger boarding over wheelchair. According to Press Trust of India, an award-winning specially-abled flier alleged that she was denied from boarding an Alliance Air airplane as she was on a battery-operated wheelchair.

The passenger who was allegedly denied entry in the aircraft was identified as Sarita Dwivedi who took to Twitter to formally raised complaint about the matter and tagged Ministry of Civil Aviation chief Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Sarita Dwivedi alleged that she was not denied to board the Alliance Air flight as she was on her battery-operated wheelchair. The airline asked the specially-abled passenger to leave behind her wheelchair, or book another flight on a different airline. Further, Dwivedi also alleged that the airline refused to refund Rs. 8,000 that were spent on tickets for herself and her friend who was traveling from Kochi to Bengaluru.

The incident emerges just a month after popular low-cost airline carrier IndiGo received flak from public for denying boarding a specially abed child. The incident was brought to the fore by the passenger who took to social media and alleged that the flight staff didn’t show any compassion towards the child on wheelchair.

Later the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a show-cause notice to IndiGo or “inappropriate handling” of the passenger.

The Facts of the Matter

The mishandling of specially-abled passengers by Indian airlines is once again in public view after an award-winning passenger was denied boarding an Alliance Air plane as she was on a battery-operated wheelchair. The passenger, Sarita Dwivedi, was traveling from Bengaluru to Kochi when the incident transpired. Following the ordeal, Dwivedi took to Twitter and gave an account of the incident.

According to reports, Sarita Dwivedi was on a battery-operated wheelchair and was at the Bengaluru’s Kempegowda airport to board her Alliance Air plane. Before boarding, the flight staff asked her to leave behind her wheelchair or get another flight on a different airline. Further, she alleged that although the airline would refund her the cost of tickets, she has not received such refunds.

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Passenger Arrived 1 Hour Before Boarding

In her interview to media, Dwivedi claimed that she reached at the check-in counter sometime around 8 am, about an hour before her flight departure time. When the flight staff saw her on wheel chair, one staffer asked her if she is traveling with motorized wheelchair, she should have arrived at the airport a little earlier.

Being Denied Boarding

“Then I got little angry and said I was on time. I told him to get the scanning person to scan the wheelchair so that I can go. Again he said I was late. Then he said ‘madam you cannot travel with the motorised wheelchair as it was battery operated’,” she alleged, as quoted in a Zee News report.

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Flight Staff Didn’t Provide Alternatives

Later, the ground-staff of the airline told her that in the view of guidelines, she won’t be allowed to board the plane with her wheelchair. The specially-abled passenger told media that she asked the ground-staff if there were any alternatives to her situation. However, the flight staff didn’t assist her.

“I am a humble person. I did not want to argue, so I asked them what they can do to help me,” she said. They said they cannot do anything but can refund her ticket amount,” Sarita Dwivedi said.

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Promised Refund Still Not Received by Passenger

However, shockingly enough the airline has not refunded the ticket amount as of now. The passenger claimed that she spent Rs. 8,000 on two tickets for herself and her friend. Moreover, she also had to spend extra to buy new tickets, and in total spent around Rs. 14,000 on two tickets to her destination Kochi.


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