In yet another shocking development regarding pit-bull attacks, a Gurugram woman was left grievously injured in a pit bull attack. The incident comes after an elderly woman died after losing blood due to a similar attack earlier in July. In the Gurugram incident, the owner of the pet pit-bull was booked. The incident was reported from Gurugram’s Civil Lines area.

The victim in the incident was identified as Munni and as per the complaint raised by her sister-in-law Beauty, she and Munni were on their way to work in Civil Lines area at around 7 am. This was when Munni was attacked by the pet-dog. Beauty in her complaint also alleged that the pit-bull owner had unleashed the dog and had further pointed towards them. The pit bull had pounced on Munni and the “owner kept watching”, the complaint alleged.

According to reports, the victim was rescued from the clutches of the pet dog and was rushed to a nearby hospital. She was then referred to the Safdarjung hospital, Delhi, wherein she had to undergo an operation. The woman had sustained serious injuries to her head as well as her face.

Following the attack, the dog’s owner, identified as Nitu Kataria, was booked under IPC Section 289 (negligence conduct with respect to animal), and Section 338 (causing grievous hurt).

The Facts of the Matter

For years, unpredictable aggression of pit bulls has been a subject to debate among pet-lovers and animals’ rights advocates. In the nature versus nurture debate, one side claims that appropriate training is needed to keep aggression of pit bull in check. Meanwhile, the other side claims that pit bulls are by nature unpredictable, and must have muzzles at all time when they are out.

Amid all the debate, another pit bull related attack recently took place where a woman was grievously injured and had to be operated on.

Victim a Domestic help from West Bengal

According to reports, a 36-year-old woman, identified as Munni, was recently attacked by a pit bull in Gurugram’s civil lines area. The woman, a West Bengal resident, is employed as a domestic help, and was on her way to work with her sister-in-law Beauty when the incident happened.

“Owner watching everything”: Complainant

According to the complaint raised by Beauty, the owners of the dog had intentionally unleashed the pet dog when the attack happened. An IANS report quoted Beauty saying, “The dog first grabbed Munni’s neck from behind, and later, the dog bit her all across the body. I escaped unhurt as I was behind Munni. The owners were watching everything but did not offer any help.”

The woman was rescued when a milkman passing by was able to scare away the pit bull. In her complaint, Beauty also alleged that the pit bull again attacked Munni the second time after being shooed away.

Victim Sustains Injury on Head and Face

Munni was rushed to the nearby district hospital, and was then referred to the Safdarjung Hospital for further treatment. She suffered injuries all over her head and face.

Owner Booked

Meanwhile, as per the preliminary investigation, the pet dog belonged to an owner identified as Nitu Kataria. The pet owner has been booked under section 289 (Negligent conduct with respect to animal), Section 338 (Causing grievous hurt by an act which endangers human life).

The Infamous Lucknow Pitbull Attack

Earlier in July, a similar incident was reported from Lucknow where an elderly woman lost her life due to blood loss in a pit bull attack.

80-year-old Sunita Tripathi, was mauled to death by her own pit bull when she had taken it out for a walk on the terrace of her residence. She was found in a pool of her own blood and suffered deep wounds on neck and abdomen.


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