The Internet is a gift that keeps giving. After Pawry & Shweta, a new ‘Chacha’ meme has been trending on Twitter since Tuesday. But how did the “chacha” meme started to trend? What was the original story? Today we tell you all about the origins of chacha and chaat memes.  

On February 23, a video surfaced on Twitter that showcased an epic no-holds-barred fight between a few Indian men hitting each other with sticks and rods in daylight. The video was first shared by news agency ANI and looked something straight of a 90s action film that starred Mithun Chakraborty. 

Somehow, a man from the caught the attention of netizens. The man with his mehendi-dyed hair and unique hairstyle soon became the protagonist of this entire meme fest. Twiterratis started to create rib-tickling memes which compared the man to Virus from the film 3 Idiots, iconic researcher Albert Einstein and even random WWE wrestlers.  

Check out the video of the First Battle of Baghpat:

The video although triggered a flood of memes on Twitter was also problematic in the way it showed how people can get violent in broad daylight. As the news of the fight broke, Twitteratis posted their own edits of the fight video, adding ‘dhishooms’ of 90s movies and one user went as far as adding Star Wars effects to it.

Soon, police had to intervene and 8 people involved in the brawl were arrested. The mehndi-dyed man with frizzy hair was also arrested and his picture was also shared by the Uttar Pradesh police.  

The portrait shot of the people incriminated for the brawl also triggered another meme fest.

Who is ‘chaat chacha’? 

Harendra, the man with henna-streaked hair, was named ‘chacha’ by the Twitteratis after he gave an interview to the news agency ANI. In the interview, he told ANI that he had been running his chaat business for 40 years in Baghpat. However, sales were down for his business due to the other party that opened a competing chat business nearby. Harendra claimed that his rivals stole away his customers.  

Soon hashtags like #Baghpat, #chaatchacha and #chacha started to dominate trends on both Instagram and Twitter. As the case always stands, some Twitteratis shared hilarious memes with #chacha and #chaat as hashtags and soon it turned into a snowball effect with people retweeting and sharing memes of the Internet’s newest meme.