After ruining paintings, some climate activists recently glued themselves on an airport runway, disrupting the air traffic for hours and causing delays to at least a dozen of flights. The shocking video of the incident shows the activists wearing high-visibility safety vests, casually making their way to the runway of an international airport. The incident was reported from Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, Germany.

The development comes after several incidents involving climate activists gluing themselves to art work, throwing various liquids on them and then raising slogans of activism, are on the rise. The idea of the climate activists doing such activities is to garner as much attention as possible in the world of virality and social media.

However, this time, their actions caused hindrances and delays for commuters across the world. At least 13 flights were delayed due to the actions by the activists. After the incident, Last Generation environmental activists, who were responsible for the protest, issued a statement.

“The plane is not a means of transport for ordinary people. Most people – about 80 per cent of the world’s population – have never flown in their lives. One affluent per cent of the population is responsible for around half of flight-related greenhouse gas emissions,” the statement read.

The group also asked people to avoid flying.

The Facts of the Matter

Lately, climate activists across the world are going to dramatic lengths to get the world’s attention towards climate change. After throwing cans of soup on Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Leonardo da Vinci paintings, some climate activists recently glued themselves on an airport runway. This was their foolhardy way of drawing people’s attention towards CO2 emissions.

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How Activists Trespassed Airport Runway

The activists belonged to the group Last Generation. Earlier on Thursday, several activists cut their way through the fence of the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport runway, and glued themselves on the tarmac. Some activists also glued themselves to asphalt, and bikes in the area, causing the airport authorities to shut down the runway.

4k Passengers Affected, 20 Flights Disrupted

As per a Business Insider report, two groups of climate activists trespassed the airport grounds. While one made its way from north, other trespassed form south. They glued themselves to various objects and even the runway of the airport, causing flight disruption for 90 minutes, because of which 15 flights had to be diverted. 5 Flights were delayed or cancelled.

Reportedly, as many as 3 to 4,000 passengers were affected in total, as per RBB, a German broadcaster.

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“Criminals” German Politician Condemns Actions

The actions by the group have since received flak from both social media netizens and authorities.

Protestors on site were charged with air traffic trespassing, property damage, and other charges. Meanwhile, Brandenburg Interior Minister, Michael Stübgen, called the activists “criminal” and their actions a “serious criminal offence”.

“Anyone who intentionally puts others in danger for their worldview is not an activist, but a criminal,” he was quoted saying.

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Similar Incidents Reported Recently

The incident is the latest in the spate of similar such actions committed by the climate activists in a desperate bid to gain more attention regarding the problem of climate change. Earlier in October, activists threw mashed potatoes on a Claude Monet painting worth $110 million.

In the same month, activists in London dumped tomato soup over the famous Vincent Van Goh painting called ‘Sunflowers’.


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