After loco-pilots were reported to have stopped train to have tea & kachori on separate instances, a co-loco pilot in Bihar stopped the train to grab a ‘drink’ and was found in a drunken haze. The incident was reported from Samastipur, Bihar and occurred on the evening of May 2, only to be reported recently.

According to reports, the train was stopped at a station for almost an hour where it usually halts for two-minutes. Irate over the long unannounced delay, the passengers soon raised alert and started a protest at Hasanpur Railway Station against the ordeal. It was during the protest that the railway authorities at the station came to know about the co loco-pilot’s actions.

Some passengers of the train were able to find the co-loco pilot Karamveer Prasad Yadav at a nearby roadside wine shop. He was found to be in no condition to take the train’s reins and authorities looked for his substitute. Soon, another loco pilot, V.C. Rajkumar, who was reportedly on a leave, was given the train’s charge.

Meanwhile, co-loco pilot Karamveer Yadav was arrested and 375 ml alcohol bottle was recovered from him. Following the incident, a high-level inquiry has been set up and following detailed report, strict action will be taken against Yadav.

The Facts of the Matter

We all have our vices and things we indulge in. However, a train-pilot in Bihar crossed all the limits when he chose a rather unceremonious way to indulge into his habit of drinking. Without concern or empathy for hundreds of passengers traveling in the passenger train, the co-loco-pilot stopped the train to get a drink, and was later found in a drunken state.

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Train Halts to Let Other Train Pass, Pilot Leaves to Get Merry

The incident was reported when the Samastipur-Saharsa train started its journey from Samastipur to Saharsa earlier on Monday. At around 5.40 pm, the train halted and the assistant loco-pilot left the train to consume alcohol in a nearby shop. The co-loco pilot has been identified as Karmveer Prasad Yadav.

2-Min Halt Turns into Hour Long Delay

Reportedly the passenger train stopped at the Hasapur station to let Rajdhani Express cross first. Making the best out of the halt, co loco-pilot Yadav left the train. It should be noted that the train remained halted at the station for around an hour for something it was supposed to halt for not more than two minutes.

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Passengers Protest, Drunk Loco Pilot Found

Following the long and unannounced halt, several annoyed passengers started creating ruckus and protested against the matter at the station. Somehow, some passengers were able to find Yadav in a drunken state at a nearby liquor shop. Yadav also had a 375 ml liquor bottle in his possession.

While Yadav was being reprimanded, the authorities looked for a substitute of Yadav. Loco pilot V.C. Rajkumar, who was on a leave but was in the same train, was then given the reins of the train. It was 6.47 when the train left the railway station finally.

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Action to be Taken Against Yadav

Meanwhile, Yadav had to undergo a medical examination, following which he was detained under sections of Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act. Meanwhile, an inquiry committee has also been formed and a detailed report on the matter has been sought regarding the matter. After the submission of the inquiry report, loco pilot Yadav is reported to face strict action.

Train was Stopped for Tea, Kachori Earlier

It should be noted that earlier last month, a similar incident was reported from Bihar again. The loco pilot of Gwalior-Barauni Express stopped the train mid-way at a railway crossing to get some tea. Prior to that, a loco pilot in Alwar stopped the train to collect some hot-piping kachoris, causing delays in train.


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