Against all odds, Kerala’s Anie Siva has become a sub-inspector where she once sold lemonades. The story of this 31-year-old woman is the literal epitome of when life gives you lemons, you make lemonades of it and with hard work, you can beat all odds.


Life is a cruel teacher, it gives us a test first and with each test, we learn a lesson later. While we all have our share of bad cards dealt by life, not all of us are able to turn things around and leave the table as winner. Kerala’s Anie Siva too was dealt a bad hand by life, but with efforts, patience and perseverance, she is showing us all what we may be capable of.


Sub Inspector Anie Siva

Anie’s story is a truly cinematic one. At just 18-year-old, Anie was abandoned by her husband to fend for herself. The situation became all the challenging as Anie had to not only fend for herself, but her 6-month baby. Little did Anie know, that the place where she was selling lemonades and ice-creams to tourists, would later be the same place where she would be a sub-inspector.

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Abandoned with a 6- month baby

A resident of Kanjiramkulam, young Anie had rebelled against her parents to marry her college sweetheart. However, just 2-years later, the couple, who had a daughter, separated. Due to her prior rebellion, Anie’s parents refused to accept her back at her place. So, with determination on her face, and a baby in her arms, Anie took refuge at her grandmother’s house.

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Studying hard and landing odd-jobs

Meanwhile, Anie completed her graduation and even did a postgraduation from distance learning. However, she failed to land a regular job and had to take temporary jobs such as being a salesperson, etc. During that time, she was introduced to the hefty profit margins of selling ice-creams and lemonades to tourists.


Anie Siva

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An idea that Changed Anie’s Life

With continues hard-work, Anie again got introduced to a life-changing idea by a relative. She was asked to apply into a police service and was even given a loan to apply for examination. In 2016, she cracked the exam and became a civil police officer.

In 2020, she cracked the sub-inspector examination and went through the rigorous 18-month training course and came out with flying colors. All her hard work and patience paid off and she took charge as the Varkala Police Station Sub-Inspector on June 26.

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“Was father’s dream to make me IPS Officer” SI Anie

It was my father’s dream to make me an IPS officer. So I studied very hard and it became my mission to get a job. It’s no use crying over the circumstances of our life. We have to make a leap. It’s not a defeat until we decide that we have lost,”

-she was quoted by a news channel.

The maverick also took to Facebook and wrote-

“Ten years ago, I sold lemonade and ice cream to people coming for the Varkala Sivagiri pilgrimage. Today, I return to the same place as a sub-inspector of police. How better can I take revenge on my past?”

Her story has since then accumulating lauds from various strata of the society. Malayalam film actor Unni Mukundan shared her story on Facebook and wrote-

“Women empowerment becomes a reality not through big bindis, but through big dreams. The real fighter. Inspiration for all.”