In a shocking incident reported from Agra, a husband allegedly caught his wife roaming on the city streets with her paramour. The video of their dramatic confrontation went viral on social media. While the idea of a extramarital affair may make for a popcorn munching-worthy experience at the movies, in real life, it’s tragic to say the least. While most movies give spectators a happy ending, real life scenarios almost always end on a bleak note.

In one such incident reported from Agra, a husband reportedly caught his wife who he was married for 10 years, out and about with his paramour. The confrontation between the three parties took place earlier on September 11, as per a Times Now report.

Earlier on September 11, the husband and wife had another argument, which led to the wife leaving the husband and their daughter. The wife did not inform the husband or the daughter about her whereabouts.

Concerned, the father-daughter duo started looking for their missing family member on a two-wheeler. During their search, the husband came across a woman on Agra’s Kailash Mandir Road, who looked suspiciously similar to the wife.

She was riding pillion while her alleged lover drove the two-wheeler. A chase ensued between the two sides, which ended with both the men being fined for breaching public peace.

The Facts of the Matter

Every day, partners across the world cheat their partner with someone else. It’s a bitter reality that is often not spoken about, but agreed upon secretly. Recently, a woman in Agra was caught by her husband with her paramour. Shockingly enough, the entire ordeal was caught on video, visuals of which, are going viral on social media.

According to a Times Now report, the husband in question found his wife out and about on the streets of Agra with her lover. The husband had been married to the woman for the last 10 years. The couple also share a young daughter. However, the husband had recently found out that his wife was having an affair with a businessman.

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Couple Gets Involved in Fight, Wife Leaves

This became an issue in couple’s marital life, and they both fought over the issue repeatedly. Earlier on September 11, Sunday, the couple again locked horns over the same issue. The argument reached a point where the woman decided to leave her husband and wife at home without telling them where she is going.

Concerned over their missing family members, the father-daughter duo started looking for the woman on a two-wheeler. Shockingly enough, the husband spotted a woman who looked suspiciously similar to his wife.

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Wife Found Riding Pillion with Lover

The woman was riding pillion with her alleged lover who was driving a scooty near the Kailash Mandir Road. Although she had covered her face with a scarf and sunglasses, the husband’s suspicion became stronger when the scooty driver started maintaining a distance with him.

As the husband increased the speed of the vehicle, the scooty driver increased his vehicle’s speed as well. The high-voltage chase was recorded on video which shows the husband and his daughter giving the woman and her lover a chase on the streets of Agra.

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Husband, Wife’s Lover Fined, No Action Against Wife

Eventually, the husband was able to catch on to the wife’s lover. A heated argument ensued on the streets of the city which escalated to the husband slapping the wife’s lover repteadly. Eventually, the police intervened and both the men were charged for causing disturbance in public place.

It should be noted that no action was taken against the woman, as per a Times Now report.

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