In a horrific incident reported from Agra, a woman was seen tying a dog with a leash and then slamming the dog on the road at least five times. In the video, the woman was also seen kicking and thrashing the feeble looking dog. The incident was reported from Niamatpur village near Shastripuram Tikoniya Park in Agra’s Thana Sikandra area.

After the video of the incident went viral, the police confirmed an investigation in the matter. According to reports, Kanshi Ram Yojna resident Bhola, who is a shoe artisan by profession, had kept a 4-month-old dog in his home.

Sometime around 5 pm earlier on Friday, Bhola had gone to a factory in Agra’s Jagdishpura and his wife too was away. Bhola had tied the 4-month-old outside his house. Meanwhile, the daughter of Bhola’s neighbour came near the dog, who allegedly barked at her. Frightened of the sudden bark, the girl tried to run away and fell in process.

This was when Raju’s wife came, opened the dog’s leash, and started thrashing it. She later used the same leash, tied it around the dog’s neck, and slammed it five times on the road. She was also seen in video coming back to hit the dog again.

The Facts of the Matter

While dogs have time after time proven themselves to be man’s best friend, there have been several incidents of pet and stray dogs attacking people in the recent past. Such incidents are reported from the most modern of cities, to the smallest villages. Meanwhile, another shocking incident recently emerged. In this incident, a woman was seen slamming a dog in the most inhumane way. The woman’s abuse has caused the Agra Police to take cognizance of the matter.

According to reports, the incident was reported from Agra’s Niamatpur village where Bhola, a shoe artisan, lives with his wife. He is also the owner of a 4-year-old dog. Earlier last Friday, a woman, allegedly the wife of Bhola’s neighbour, physically abused the dog, an act which was caught on video.

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What Does the Video Show (Discretion Advised)

The distressing video shows a woman dressed in pink slapping and kicking the 4-year-old black coloured pet dog. As the woman continues with her thrashing, people gather around her. As if the assault was not enough, the woman ties the dog with its own leash and uses it to slam the dog five times on the road. By the end, the dog can be seen immobilized as bystanders try to intervene. Meanwhile, the woman emerges again and rains a few kicks before the video ends.

Watch the Video here (Trigger Warning – Abuse Against Animal)

According to reports, the Agra Police has taken cognizance and has started a probe in the matter. Replying to the video on Twitter, the Agra Police wrote, “Thana Sikandra police team has been directed for necessary legal action.” Reports are also stating that the dog is currently in critical condition.

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What Caused the Woman to Assault the Dog

Reportedly, the dog’s owner Bhola had gone to his factory at around 5 pm on Friday and his wife too was away from home. His wife had tied the dog outside their house. This was when some children gathered around the dog and started feeding it.

When tenant Raju’s daughter too reached their, Bhola’s dog barked at her. Frightened of the sudden bark, she tried to run away and fell down in process. When their daughter fell, Raju’s wife decided to assault the dog.

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Pet Owner Also Assaulted

Bhola has also alleged that Raju and his wife assaulted him as well. After he came back home and got to know about the incident, he confronted Raju and sought an explanation. Raju and his wife both started assaulting Bhola.


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