In a strange development from Ahmedabad, a grieving father filed an FIR pertaining to rash driving against his own son who already died in a road accident. The father, 63-year-old Narayan Chauhan, claims that his son Mukesh was driving recklessly on an old sports bike when the accident occurred. Narayan filed a First Information Report (FIR) against his own deceased son, alleging that his negligent driving caused the fatal accident that took his life.

According to Mr. Chauhan, he received a call on Tuesday informing him that his son had been involved in a fatal road accident on Sindhu Bhavan Road. When he arrived at the scene, he found his son lying injured with his bike badly damaged.

While most people would’ve taken their fair share of time to grieve and mourn the loss, Mr. Chauhan decided to take matters into his own hands and file an FIR against Mukesh under various sections of the law, including 279 (Rash driving), 304A (Rash driving), 337 (Causing hurt by act endangering life), and 427 (Mischief causing loss).

It is not clear why Narayan chose to file a complaint against his son, especially when he was already dead and could not defend himself. An eyewitness told Narayan that his son was indeed driving carelessly, which caused the fatal accident.

The Facts of the Matter

Most people would agree that losing a son or daughter, can be one of the most devastating loss a human could be made to endure. In a story that is a poignant reminder of the complexities of human nature and how individuals cope with loss and grief in different ways, a man in Ahmedabad filed an FIR against his own deceased son, who died in a road accident.

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Tragedy Strikes 63-Year-Old Father

Tragedy struck the Chauhan family in Ahmedabad when Mukesh, the son of 63-year-old Narayan Chauhan, was involved in a fatal road accident. However, what followed was an unexpected turn of events that raised eyebrows across the community.

Narayan Chauhan, devastated by the loss of his son, filed an FIR against him, alleging that his death was caused due to his own negligent driving. This move came as a shock to many, as it is unusual for a father to hold his own son responsible for his death.

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Father Files FIR Against Own Deceased Son

The FIR was filed under different sections that accused Mukesh of driving carelessly, which led to his eventual death. A case was registered with the M Division Traffic Police under Sections 279, 304A, 337, and 427.

Narayan claimed that his son had purchased an old sports bike and was driving it carelessly on the day of the accident. He further stated that he received a call on Tuesday, asking him to come to Sindhu Bhavan Road. Upon arriving, he was told that his son had been involved in a fatal accident.

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Eyewitness’ Account of the Accident

Narayan rushed to the scene, where he found Mukesh lying injured and his bike badly damaged. Despite the grief and trauma he was experiencing, he registered a case against his deceased son, holding him responsible for the accident.

Narayan also recounted how a man who was present at the time of the accident told him that his son was driving recklessly and that his actions caused the accident.


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