In Ahmedabad, a man reportedly assaulted his wife with a stick and further went on to shave off her head over ‘extra salt’ in the curry. The 28-year-old woman, who had been married to the man for the last eight years, filed a complaint at the Vatva police station earlier on Wednesday this week.

It should be noted that the incident occurred earlier on May 8 and the victim was frightened to take to the police and file a complaint against her husband. It was three days later that the woman mustered courage and finally alerted the police about the matter. The victim has been identified as Rizvana Shaikh while her husband has been identified as Imran Shaikh.

According to reports, the accused is a mason and earns his living through casual labour. Earlier on April 8, the accused came to his residence and demanded food. When the food was served, the accused started complaining about extra salt in curry and started abusing victim.

The victim asked him to not create a scene over the petty issue. This was when the enraged accused assaulted his wife with stick. He also shaved her head.

The Facts of the Matter

While the nation continues to grow and attempts to break the shackles of misogyny and sexism, there are incidents that scream out how a lot of work still remains in the matter. Reports of men assaulting and even murdering their wives for not taking part in domestic chores appropriately are more common than one would imagine.

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Couple had Been Married for 8 Years

Recently in Ahmedabad, a man assaulted his wife with stick and went on to shave her head over the petty issue of having extra salt in curry. The accused was identified as Imran Shaikh and the victim was identified as Rizvana Shaikh. The couple had been residing in Insaniyatnagar flats, Vatva and had been married for eight years.

Victim Files Complaint 3 days after Assault

According to reports, the incident occurred earlier on May 8 and an official complaint was filed by the woman three days after the incident as she was afraid. In her complaint, Rizvana alleged that her husband, who works as a casual labour, came to their home at around 2 pm, and demanded food.

Rizvana served him curry and chapatis. The accused didn’t like the taste of the food and started abusing her for extra salt in the curry. Rizvana asked her husband to stop abusing and told him that she would prepare some more food. However, the accused continued to abuse Rizvana.

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Accused Assaults Wife With Stick

Frustrated on being subjected to verbal abuses, Rizvana asked her husband to stop abusing her over the petty issue. This was when Imran, the accused, brought out a stick and started to beat her. As she was being assaulted, Rizvana told Imran to leave her or otherwise she would complain at police station.

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Wife Pleads, Husband Tonsures

This enraged the accused further and Imran bought a razor and forcibly pulled her hair. “Before I could understand anything, he held me forcibly, pulled my hair and began tonsuring without showing any mercy towards me even though I continuously pleaded to leave me,” Rizvana was quoted saying in a TOI report.

It was only after the neighbours who heard the victim’s screams, appealed her to file a complaint, that the victim approached the police. A case against the accused has been filed under criminal intimidation, saying abusive words, and causing hurt.


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