In Ahmedabad a man was duped of Rs. 94 lakhs by a ‘tantrik’ who promised the man that money will ‘rain’ all over him. The alleged accused promised the victim of the crime that he will use “tantra mantra” and help him get higher returns on the “investments” he made. After the investigation was initiated, the Ahmedabad police booked the accused under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


Who among us can really deny not dreaming of being financially well-off in the world we live in this day and age? While most of us consider such aspirations as day-dreams and go on about our way, earning out bit with hard work, there are some who by hook-and-crook, make efforts to get their hands on wealth. While some take to crime and unfair means, others turn to those who feed off their greed and dupe them.

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Tantrik Dupes the Man for Decade

One such incident happened in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A man was allegedly duped of Rs. 94 lakhs and jewelry by a ‘tantrik’ who promised him abundance and wealth. The accused smelled the hunger for more money coming from the men and continued to dupe the victim not once or twice, but for the course of a decade.

Victim Approached ‘Tantrik’ in 2010

According to reports, the victim of the crime has been identified as Jigyesh Mahoravala while the accused is identified as Hitesh Yagyik. Yagyik was reportedly a citizen of Pethapur locality in the state’s capital Gandhinagar and claimed to be a ‘tantrik’ who knew ‘tantra mantra’. Jigyesh took to Hitesh in 2010 and sought help from him as he struggled financially. That’s when the seeds of the financial fraud were sown.

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Accused asks For Money for Building ‘Ashram’

In 2010, when Jigyesh approached Hitesh for help, the latter told him that he was a student of a Kashmiri Bapu in Gujarat’s Junagadh and can surely help him to get financially stable by ‘tantra-mantra’. Later, in 2016, Hitesh told Jigyesh that he wanted to build an ashram in Kutch and asked him for financial capital for the same.

Victim Duped into Buying Property

Hitesh told Jigyesh that he would help the latter in acquiring 50,000 acres of a saline land in Kutch at a low price and suggested him that he can then sell it to bigger companies to make money.

“He lured me with promises of rich dividends and I transferred Rs 89 lakh to him through the bank accounts of myself, my parents and my siblings,”

-the victim was quoted by the Indian Express.

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‘Tantrik’ Asks for More Money, Jewllery for ‘Shuddhi’

Excited by the idea of making better returns, Jigyesh transferred the amount to the accused’s account. Later, the accused continued on his duping and asked the victim for jewellery for a ‘shuddhi’ process he was planning to conduct in the victim’s home. The claims of Hitesh were such that Jigyesh gave him the gold and silver jewellery he had in his home.

“Will see money ‘raining’”: Tantrik’s False Promise Excites Victim

“He demanded the gold and silver jewellery kept in our homes for ‘shuddhi’ (purification) process claiming that soon I will see money ‘raining’,”

-Jigyesh was quoted saying.

In his interviews with the news platforms, the accused further claimed that he also gave Hitesh his three scooters at a value of Rs. 1 lakh and the jewllery that he gave him, which was worth Rs. 4 lakh was also not returned.

“I gave him my three scooters valued at Rs 1 lakh and jewellery worth Rs 4 lakh for shuddhi process but didn’t get anything in return,”

-he said.

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Accused Stopped Taking Victim’s Calls, Booked under IPC Sections

Subsequently, when Hitesh met Jigyesh in March this year, he claimed that his financial condition was not well and that he will not be able to return him his money. He also stopped taking Jigyesh’s call.

Now, the police have booked the accused under IPC’s Section 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) and Section 406 (Punishment for criminal breach of trust).