In a bizarre incident reported from Ahmedabad, a man who objected to loud music, woke up to his car worth Rs. 15 lakhs burning. Reportedly, when Yashwant Yogi, a former counselor, asked two men in an autorickshaw playing loud music to turn it down, he didn’t know the consequences of his objection.

Yogi went inside his home and slept, however, hours later, he woke up to the screams of his neighbour saying that his car was set ablaze. The neighbour also added that they saw the same men pour a liquid over Yogi’s car. Yogi later filed a complaint against the accused, Hardik Chouhan and Ketan Solanki and an FIR was filed against the accused.

The incident is a stark reminder of another incident reported from Gujarat where a woman was set ablaze by her neighbours for naming her puppy ‘Sonu’.

The Facts of the Matter

From birthday parties to wedding celebrations, majority of Indians are guilty of playing loud music wee hours into the night for their own entertainment. State governments and municipality verdicts often lay out rules of no loud speaker past 11 PM at the night.

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The Menace of Loud Music

Yet, several people flout the basic regulation and party hard into the midnight, and often, authorities have to step in and slap them with fines. Even with fines, the ‘celebratory bones’ of majority of Indians are very much intact, and it would not be hard for many of us to think of such situations in our own neighbourhood.

While many a times, a complaint raised by an annoyed neighbour is considered and the loud-speaker is turned way down, often, the objection meets a disastrous end. Recently, a man from Gujarat faced consequences of his simple objection after his car was set on fire when he objected to loud music.

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Victim Objects to Loud Music

According to reports, a former councillor’s MUV worth Rs. 15 lakhs was set on fire by two man after the man objected to the loud music that was played in a birthday celebration. The victim has been identified as Yashwant Yogi, who lives in the Municipal Labourers Quarters. Mr. Yogi told the police that earlier on Wednesday, the two accused were celebrating in their auto-rickshaw and were playing loud music. Reportedly, they were celebrating the birthday of one of the accused, Hardik Chauhan. He scolded them for the same and the accused drove away.

Waking Up to Screams of Neighbour

47-year-old Yashwant then retired to sleep. Later in the night, he heard the screams of his neighbour telling them that his car has been set on fire. Mr. Yogi rushed outside and saw that the miscreants had bashed the windows of his MUV and set it on fire. His neighbour attested to the fact that he saw Hardik and other accused, Ketan Solanki, pouring liquid on the car and setting it ablaze.

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The Extent of Damage

Soon, fire tenders were called who controlled the fire. After the fire was controlled, it was revealed that the bumper, the front two tyres, and a side of the bonnet were completely charred. Yogi then took to the police station and filed a complaint against both the accused.

FIR Filled Against Accused

The police filed an FIR against both Solanki and Chauhan under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code. This includes Section 435 (Mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to cause damage), Section 427 (Mischief causing damage), and Section 114 (Abettor present when offence is committed), of the IPC.


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