In a baffling turn-of-events, an Ahmedabad based-teen truly lived a ‘Slumdog Millionaire’s life, having looted Rs 47 lakhs, and going on to buy a luxury car and staying in 5-star hotels.

This 17-year-old boy from Dhandhuka town was living the dream life that many aspire to, but only a select few get to experience. However, this teenager’s life of luxury was built on a foundation of deceit, lies, and fraudulence.

The story goes that this young con artist had a humble beginning, growing up in a dilapidated house, and had hardly any money to his name. But, over the last ten months, he had been living the life of a king, spending money like it was going out of style.

He vacationed in Goa, took trips to Rajasthan, and bought himself a high-end motorcycle and even a car. Living the life of a millionaire in the truest of sense, the boy even invested Rs 8 lakhs in the stock market.

However, locals were baffled at the teen’s lifestyle, and his family too started becoming aware about the same. While the boy remained tight-lipped, the police eventually got involved. It was later uncovered that the boy siphoned off Rs 47 lakhs from the bank of a retired professor in Vadodara.

The Facts of the Matter

In a story worthy of a Bollywood blockbuster, a 17-year-old boy from the slums of Ahmedabad managed to pull off the ultimate con job, siphoning off a whopping Rs 47 lakh from a retired professor’s bank account. With the money burning a hole in his pocket, the teen lived the high life, indulging in all the luxuries that money could buy.

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Ahmedabad Teen Siphons Off Money from Prof’s Account

The retired professor, Narrotam Patel, had his mobile number disconnected after he went to the US in 2018. The number was then allotted to the teenager, who realized that Patel’s bank account was still linked with it.

The boy then got hold of Patel’s bank passbook photo from the WhatsApp backup, following which he chalked out an elaborate plan to siphon off money from the ex-professor’s bank account. He made 65 transactions of different amounts, which went unnoticed until the damage was done.

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Living in 5-Star Hotels, Buying High-End Bike, Investing in Stocks

The teenager, according to a TOI report, lived in a delipidated home and came from a rather humble background. However, determined to enjoy the luxuries that his ill-gotten wealth had brought him, he started spending money like there’s no tomorrow. He indulged in trips to Goa and Rajasthan, stayed in luxurious five-star hotels, bought a used car and a high-end motorcycle, and even invested Rs 8 lakh in the stock market!

Family Notices Lifestyle Change

Despite being so young, the teenager’s planning was elaborate, according to cybercrime experts, reported TOI. He also had the help of two friends, Chirag Chavda and Vijay Makwana, who assisted him in opening the bank accounts used to siphon off the money. His family noticed the sudden change in his lifestyle but did not question him.

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Police Catches Up, Arrests Teen

Eventually, the police caught up with the teen and his accomplices. The two friends were arrested, and the teenager was sent to a juvenile home. The police were stunned by the boy’s audacity and his ability to pull off such a grand heist. “He was living a life like a wealthy man for the last 10 months. In fact, the sudden change in his lifestyle attracted the attention of the locals in his area who sometimes questioned his source of income. But, the boy wanted to have the best of everything in life,” said a police officer, as quoted by TOI.


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