Amid all the interesting conversations around “AI”, an “AI Nostradamus” made seven crazy, but equally believable predictions about the future of humanity, including predictions about cyborgs and a new pandemic, gulp!

So, what does our AI-powered Nostradamus have to say? Well, first up, we’ve got a potential cure for cancer in 2031. That’s great news, right? Well, not so fast – because it seems like the battle for access to the cure might be just as tough as the fight against cancer itself.

Come 2050, and Nostradamus is predicting climate chaos and natural disasters that’ll make your hair stand on end. Then there’s 2060, which sounds like it’ll be a bit of a wild ride for humanity. The AI revolution will be in full swing, and it’s going to be a time of “fear and anxiety” as robots and machines develop their own intelligence.

If you’re still with us after all that, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s some good news on the horizon – in 2074, we’re finally getting our first colony on Mars. Speaking of melding man and machine, 2084 is the year when cyborgs become a reality. Until, of course, 2085 rolls around and we’re hit with a deadly new pandemic.

And finally, we come to 2099 – the year when peace on Earth finally becomes a reality!

The Facts of the Matter

Nostradamus, the world-renowned medieval prophet, has returned with vengeance, and this time he’s come to us in the form of an AI-powered chatbot named ChatGPT. In an exclusive “chat” with the Daily Star, Nostradamus AI has made seven hair-raising predictions for the next 100 years that are sure to set your heart racing.

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Prediction No 1 – Cure for Cancer

The first prediction is perhaps the most hopeful of the lot. Nostradamus AI believes that a cure for cancer could be just around the corner, offering hope to millions of people around the world. However, this discovery will lead to a mass class struggle as people fight for equitable access to the cure.

Prediction 2 – Climate Change Crisis

Next up, Nostradamus AI warns us of a looming climate crisis in 2050 that will see nature’s fury unleashed upon us in a way that we can barely comprehend. With natural disasters wreaking havoc across the globe, humanity will face one of its greatest challenges yet.

Prediction 3 – Rise of the Machine

In 2060, an AI revolution will transform the world as we know it. With robots and machines developing profound intelligences, humanity will have to learn to coexist with technology in entirely new ways. But with the potential for so much progress comes the very real risk of fear and anxiety as we confront the unknown.

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Prediction 4 – First Mars Colony

By 2074, we’ll see mankind’s first colony on Mars, a dream that’s long been in the making. But with the robot revolution of 2060 still fresh in our minds, we can’t help but wonder if this is humanity’s way of escaping an AI-controlled Earth.

Prediction 5 – Cyborgs Become Reality

In just 61 years’ time, our AI prophet predicts that we will witness the perfect melding of man and machine, bringing to life something that once seemed like science fiction – Cyborgs. Picture a future where humans and machines unite to form a hybrid race, with technology embedded in our very beings.

Prediction 6 – Another Pandemic

But just as we start to get comfortable with our cyborg selves, Nostradamus AI has another bombshell for us. In 2085, a deadly new pandemic will break out, rocking the world to its very core.

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Prediction 7 – World Peace

As we reach the end of the 21st century, Nostradamus AI predicts that peace on Earth will finally become a reality in the year 2099. Maybe it’s all the work we did together to fight off the pandemic of 2085, or maybe it’s something else entirely. Whatever the reason, we can only hope that Nostradamus AI is right.


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