To curb the spread of misinformation and fake news, New Delhi’s AIIMS hospital denied rumours of most-wanted gangster Chhota Rajan’s death due to COVID-19. The rumours started spreading on May 7 when unknown sources claimed that Rajan, who has admitted to AIIMS to undergo treatment for COVID-19 since the last week, succumbed to the disease.


Once a most-wanted criminal, Chhota Rajan was serving time in Tihar Jail in New Delhi. On April 26, the high-profile convict was taken to New Delhi’s AIIMS for COVID-19 related treatment. A debate had sparked amid people about how Rajan contracted the virus knowing he was serving time in solitary confinement. Officials suspected that an asymptomatic jail officer could’ve transmitted the virus.



On May 7, rumours started circulating when an unknown source claimed that Rajan had succumbed to the infectious disease. After major news publications ran the news, ANI slammed all the rumours and released official news in which an AIIMS official confirmed the fact that Chhota Rajan is still alive and undergoing the treatment.

Earlier this week, a Tihar Jail jailor informed the court that Rajan would not be available for the hearing of his case on video conference as he’s tested positive for the COVID-19 and was rushed to AIIMS hospital.

Twitterati’s reaction to Chhota Rajan’s death rumours

Chhota Rajan aka Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje

Before his eminent arrest, Chhota Rajan aka Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje was the mob boss of an underworld crime syndicate that operated in Mumbai and had its roots till Dubai. In his criminal life, Rajan moved up the ranks of the crime syndicate, starting from a petty black marketeer of film tickets, and eventually faced 70 criminal cases regarding crimes such as murders, extortion, drug smuggling, etc.

Joining Bada Rajan’s gang and working for Dawood Ibrahim

Known for being short-tempered, he was first put behind the bars in an assault against police officer case. After he was released from jail, he joined the Bada Rajan Gang and oversaw the daily criminal activities of the gang. The significant moment came when his gang’s leader Bada Rajan was shot and due to which Chhota Rajan took the reins in his hands and started working for another most-wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim.

The 1980’s was a time of gang-wars in Mumbai. Two major gangs that clashed during that era was Arun Gawli’s and Dawood Ibrahim’s. Throughout that era, Rajan made an impression on Ibrahim who had then fled to Dubai, and later became his right hand.

Splitting from Ibrahim’s D-Company and starting his own crime gang

In 1993 he split him from Ibrahim’s gang and made his own independent one that gave a strong competition to Dawood’s gang called D-Company.

Assassination attempt

In 2000 at the turn of the millennia, Dawood’s men attempted to assassinate Rajan. Rajan, who was in Bangkok, was attacked by Dawood’s associate Chhota Shakeel as a pizza delivery man. The attackers in the attempt of assassination killed Rajan’s associate Rohit and his wife. Somehow Rajan escaped through the hotel’s fire-escape and went to a hospital. After recovering in the hospital, Rajan slipped through and evaded all authorities.

The attempt of assassination proved expensive for Dawood. Rajan and his associates killed Dawood’s associates Vinod and Sunil Soans. It is told that it was Vinod and Sunil who had given Dawood the information as to where Rajan was.

Arrested eventually

In 2015, after years of cat-and-mouse chase, Rajan was finally caught in Indonesia after the Indian authorities received a tip by the Australian Police. The tip suggested that Rajan was in Bali with an Indian passport that had the name of Mohan Kumar. In 2015, Rajan was extradited back to India and was sent to the Tihar Jail where he’s still awaiting the trials of some of his cases.


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