Aishwarya Rai, a self-proclaimed blogger from Jharkhand has been arrested for smoking on an IndiGo flight, which set off smoke alarms in the toilet. Aishwarya Rai was apprehended upon landing in Ranchi, and smoking on flights is strictly prohibited as it can cause fires and disturb other passengers.

Although carrying cigarettes is allowed on flights, lighters and matchsticks are not, and electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are banned in all Indian airports and flights. According to Jet Arena, Rai was caught smoking in the aircraft toilet while travelling from Mumbai to Ranchi on February 18.

Upon landing, she was handed over to the police and taken to the Airport police station. Rai claimed that she was smoking on the flight to make a video and post it on social media. Anand Kumar, the officer in charge of the Airport police station, confirmed the incident and stated that Rai’s action could have endangered lives.

Earlier in August 2022, Bobby Kataria, a social media influencer, landed in legal trouble after a video of him smoking on a SpiceJet flight went viral, leading to an FIR being registered against him by Delhi Police on August 16.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia ordered an investigation into the matter and during investigation, the video was determined to be old by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.

The Facts of the Matter

Unruly passengers on planes who smoke inside the aircraft pose a serious threat to the safety of all onboard. Smoking on flights can trigger smoke alarms, cause damage to the aircraft, and compromise the air quality in the cabin. Despite this, there have been instances where passengers have disregarded the rules and smoked on flights, putting themselves and others at risk.

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Blogger Aishwarya Rai Arrested

In yet another such incident, a self-proclaimed blogger from Jharkhand was recently arrested after she was caught red-handed on Mumbai-Ranchi IndiGo flight.

The blogger in question, Aishwarya Rai, was reportedly apprehended by authorities upon arriving at Ranchi airport after smoking in the lavatory of an IndiGo flight from Mumbai.

According to aviation news portal Jet Arena, the 29-year-old influencer’s smoking set off smoke alarms in the aircraft, sparking concerns of a potentially catastrophic fire. While smoking cigarettes is strictly prohibited on flights, the possession of lighters and matches is also disallowed, with electronic cigarettes and vaping devices being banned across all Indian airports and flights.

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Blogger Wanted to Make Video of her Smoking in Plane

In a brazen attempt to justify her thoughtless actions, Rai reportedly claimed that she was smoking on the flight as part of a video she wanted to post on social media. However, her ill-advised stunt not only posed a risk to the safety of fellow passengers but also resulted in her being handed over to the police upon landing.

As per reports by local news website Lagatar 24, Officer in charge of Airport police station Anand Kumar confirmed the incident, stating that Rai’s behavior was nothing short of life-threatening.

Netizens React to Unruly Jharkhand Blogger

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Air India Pee-Gate

Lately, there have been several incidents of unruly passengers creating ruckus on board and putting their and other passengers’ safety at risk. Earlier this year, a shocking incident was reported, where a man urinated on another senior-citizen female passenger mid-flight during the Air India, New York-Delhi flight.

Following outrage on social media, the man was arrested and was put into custody. Following multiple hearings in court, the accused Shankar Mishra was handed a bail, with Additional Sessions Judge Harjyot Singh Bhalla saying that what Mishra did was “disgusting but the court was bound to follow the law”.


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