Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn set off of a pilgrimage to the Sabarimala Temple after observing month-long special rituals and activities. For the unversed Sabarimala Temple is one of the most famous pilgrim centers across the nation. Also known as the ‘Sacred Abode of Lord Ayyappa’, the Sabarimala Temple is located in a small village in Kerala. Reportedly, 40 to 50 million devotees visit the pilgrim center that is dedicated to Ayyapan, son of Shiva and Mohini. As it is a special pilgrimage, one has to cleanse themselves to take part in it. This cleansing activities coincide in a month-long period which involve being celibate, not indulge in alcohol, walking barefoot, etc.

The Facts of the Matter

Golmaal actor Ajay Devgn recently made a lot of buzz after pictures of him visiting the world-famous Sabarimala Temple went viral. The actor was looking in a transcendental state wearing a long black kurta and pajama to pair it with. The actor was also sporting a ‘mala’ around his neck and had worn a black coloured shawl, a look that would remind his fans of Kaal or Omkara.

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Netizens Speculate About Ajay Devgn’s Pilgrimage

After the fans made rounds on social networking platforms, several netizens speculated that the actor was taking part in the Sabarimala rituals before his upcoming visit. Reportedly, it is believed that a person who wants to take the Sabarimala Pilgrimage must cleans themselves before doing so. In order to do that, they are supposed to live a much simpler life and prepare themselves for their journey.

The website of the pilgrim center reads, “The devotee may wear a bead chain with the locket of Sree Ayyappan. Once the chain is worn, the devotee has to lead a life free of worldly pleasures. Vices such as smoking and alcohol use are also a strict no-no. The pilgrim is also required to lead a life of conjugal abstinence.”

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Purpose of 41-day Special Ritual

Another ritual, called Mandala Vrutham, is a 41-day-ritual with similar requirements. “The idea behind the 41-day ‘Vrutham’ is to develop discipline and healthy practices and make it a habit.  It is all about good habit formation through sustained efforts achieved through a combination of self-control and prayers.”

“Black is the recommended colour for clothes during the ‘Vruthum’ period as the colour denotes detachment from material things. Cutting hair, shaving off facial hair, and cutting nails are forbidden,” it further states.

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No Haircut, No Shave, Only Simple Food

According to a leading entertainment daily, the actor slept on a mat for 11 days and performed the Ayappa pooja. Ahead of the pilgrimage, the actor ate simple vegetarian food that was without garlic or onion for a period of 30-days. Moreover, the actor has not shaved, or cut his nails. He hasn’t gotten a haircut as his preparation for the pilgrimage.

The actor also followed a month-long ritual. As per The Times of India, Ajay Devgn slept on a mat on the floor for 11 days and was only wearing black. He also performed Ayyappa pooja twice a day. Ahead of visiting the temple, there are eating restrictions also. The actor only ate vegetarian (without any garlic or onion) and walked barefoot. No perfume or alcohol is allowed during this time. Reportedly, the actor followed all the rituals religiously. The pilgrims have to observe celibacy for 41 days before going to Sabarimala. They take the traditional forest routes.


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