On Tuesday night the police arrested Ajmer Dargah cleric Salman Chishti for allegedly making inciting statement against the now suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Chishti allegedly issued a beheading call against Sharma, which led to his arrest on July 5.

The accused had reportedly made the provocative statements in a drunken state. In a video gone viral, Chishti allegedly said that he would give away his property to anyone who would bring Nupur Sharma’s head to him. Further, he also allegedly said that he himself would have shot Sharma dead for insulting Prophet Mohammad.

According to Times Now, the police had registered an FIR against the accused based on the purported video. Following the arrest, Additional Superintendent of Police Vikas Sangwan was quoted saying, “Ajmer Police arrested Salman Chishti last night for allegedly giving a provocative statement against suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma.”

Meanwhile, the Ajmer Dargah Dewan Zainul Abedin Ali Khan has distanced himself from Chishti and claimed that the dargah is a place of communal harmony. The office of Ajmer Dargah Dewan Zainul Abedin Ali Khan also mentioned that the views expressed by the clerics “cannot be considered a message from the dargah”.

Earlier last week, Supreme Court had come down hard on Nupur Sharma, stating that she has a “loose tongue” and is “single-handedly responsible for what is happening in the country”.

The Facts of the Matter

While ‘Nupur Sharma’ is making buzz lately, the killings and the arrest based on her words have proven that ‘Nupur Sharma’ is not just a buzz word. On Tuesday, the Ajmer police arrested a cleric who invoked a beheading threat against Sharma for her objectionable comments against Prophet Mohammad.

The cleric from Ajmer Dargah Dewan Zainul Abedin Ali Khan was caught on video asking for the head of Sharma.

According to the Additional Superintendent of Police, Vikas Sangwan, Salman Chishti was arrested around 12.45 am, after the purported video went viral.

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Salman Chishti’s Provocative Statements

The alleged video of Chishti showed him condemning Sharma and claiming that she had “betrayed the pride of Khwaja Saheb and Muhammad Saheb”. He goes on to say how he would gift his property and home to anyone who brings him Sharma’s head.

“I swear by my mother who gave birth to me, I would have shot her publicly. I swear by my children, I would have shot her and even today I say, whoever brings Nupur Sharma’s head, I will give him my house. Salman promises this,” he said, as quoted by an India Today report.

He also said how he would have shot her dead for insulting Prophet Muhammad and further added that Muslims in the country are being killed.

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Ajmer Organization Distances Itself from Chishti

Meanwhile, the Gaddi Nasheen-Dargah Ajmer also slammed Chishti for issuing threats and giving out “murderous call”. Further, it also slammed the cleric for “misusing Ajmer Dargah Sharif’s name” to create disharmony and unrest in Ajmer.

“This person is a drug addict and history-sheeter, as per local police station records. Our Anjuman Committee has raised strong objections towards the misuse of the name of Ajmer Dargah Sharif by such criminal-minded individuals,” the Gaddi Nasheen-Dargah Ajmer, as noted by a Times Now report.

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Nupur Sharma’s Comments Referenced in Udaipur As Well

Nupur Sharma and her comments were also referenced by the two accused of the Udaipur killing. The two accused beheaded an Udaipur-based tailor Kanhaiya Lal as he allegedly extended his support for Sharma. The accused, Mohammad Riyaz and Ghouse Mohammad, also threatened Prime Minister Modi in the video that the made.


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