An Aligarh locksmith and his wife are in the news for making the ‘world’s largest lock’ for a Ram Temple. The lock weighs 400 kg and is opened with a 30kg key. According to reports, the locksmith made the lock for the Ayodhya Ram Temple that’s under construction. The heavy lock is also not going to be cheap, and will costs Rs. 2,00,000. The locksmith who made the lock of the locks has been identified as Mr. Satyaprakash Sharma. Reportedly, it took Mr. Sharma about six months to make the huge lock. It should be noted that so far, the authorities have not confirmed the lock to be the ‘world’s largest lock’.

It should be noted that Mr. Sharma was in the news earlier last year after making a 300kg lock that stood at two feet nine inches in height and six feet in width. Mr. Sharma’s father, late Mr. Bhojraj was also reportedly in the same business.

The Facts of the Matter

Locks are supposed to be unassuming protectors of our properties and assets. As such, its aesthetics are usually not the priority for a lot of buyers and more focus is given to its mechanism. However, when the lock is made to be dedicated towards a greater cause, it deserves to be something special and extraordinary.

Mr. Satyaprakash Sharma, a pioneer in the locksmith business, had something similar in mind. That is why he created a lock that was to be dedicated to the Ram Temple, an extraordinary one. What makes the lock extraordinary you ask? Well, how does a lock weighing 400kg sound to you?

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More About the ‘World’s Largest Lock’

Yes, you read it right. The lock created by Mr. Sharma weighs in at feathery 400kg. Moreover, the lock stands at just about 10-feet in length. The ‘lock of locks’ deserves to be opened by an equally magnificent ‘keys of key’, and hence, the key for the said lock will weigh at 30kg.

And as one would assume the lock was made at the cost of Rs. 2,00,000. The project took Mr. Sharma almost six months to complete.

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To Put this Into Perspective

To put this to perspective, most doors at residences are about 6 and a half to a generous 8 feet at times. Mr. Sharma has created a lock that is larger than most doors found. However, it should be noted that Mr. Sharma is not done with his project.

He needs more fund to complete the project. He plans to install a scrap seat for the lock to save it from being rusted. Moreover, the box and hood of the lock will be made of brass. And hence, he has written to the Central and State governments to provide him with funds.

“Government support is needed to promote this art. I have been working on this lock by taking money on interest,” he was quoted by various news publications saying. Moreover, to establish the legitimacy he deserves, he also wants to have Guinness Book of World Records register his feat.


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