In a soul stirring incident, an Alirajpur tribal woman of 19-years was hung from a tree and was brutally beaten up by her kins. The reason her brothers unleashed a world of pain on this young girl was that she had allegedly ran away from her in-laws’ house. Somehow, the video of the incident was shared on social media and so far, 4 arrests have been made in the case.


In India, sadly enough crimes against women have been normalized to such an extent, that a rape or an assault fails to stir a reaction. With every day news revolving around a brutal murder, a horrifying sexual assault or an acid attack against a woman, normalization happens. But there are incidents, when people read the true depravity of fellow humans, and a combination of rage, and helplessness takes over.

One such incident came from Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh. The incident was reported approximately 350 kms away from the capital, Bhopal, in a tribal-dominated area called the Badi Phul Talaw village. Coming under Bohri police station, Badi Phul Talaw witnessed the true horrific side of humanity on June 28.

A 19-year-old woman from Alirajpur was brutally beaten up by her kins and was left hanging from a tree for running away from her husband’s place. According to the police, the young girl’s family was upset because she had run away from her husband’s house just 3 months after her marriage to him.

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From the Eyes of the Cam

While, violence due to these reasons are not unheard of, the matter received nation-wide outrage after a video of the incident went viral on social media platforms on July 2. As the visuals are disturbing, we at Shiksha News have decided to not use the video as a bait to sensationalize the horrifying incident. In the video, the girl’s father, Kel Bhel and her cousins – Bhuwan, Karam & Dinesh – were seen thrashing the girl brutally with wooden sticks. In the local language, the kins can be heard asking the girl, “Will you run away? Stop Crying.”

Further, another disturbing video showed her kins launching a brutal assault on her while she was tied and hung from a tree.

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4 Held, Victim sent for Medical Checkup

After the video caught frenzy of the netizen and widespread outrage was seen,, the police of the area registered an FIR against 4 people under multiple Sections of the IPC. The various sections included Section 294 (Obscene acts), Section 323 (Voluntarily causing hurt), 355 (Assaulting a person to dishonour them), 506 (Criminal Intimidation), 34 (Acts done by several for common intention).

Vijay Bhagwani, SP, Alirajpur was quoted saying-

“The FIR was registered against four persons under relevant sections of the IPC and they were rounded up.”

The SP further added-

“The victim was taken to her mother after her medical checkup and I have asked the officials of the Department of Women and Child Development to look after her.”

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“After dowry, girl runs away to her family”

Another police official in the matter – Dilip Singh Bilawal – was heard saying-

“She was married three months ago to a 21-year-old man. His family has taken three lakhs as dowry as per the tribal customs. But she often runs away from her in-laws’ house, which upsets the parents.”