Education is not only a facility, but it is also a necessity. However, today we see people trying to capitalise the pious job of imparting education. Coaching classes and schools are hovering their ad campaigns on almost every second billboard. Amongst so many monetarily motivated business minded educationist, India houses one such intelligent yet generous human who is a Messiah to the under-privileged intellects, Mr Anand Kumar. 

Who is Anand Kumar?

Born to a post office clerk, Anand studied in a Hindi medium government school where he earned his interest in Mathematics. During his graduation, he submitted papers on Number Theory. Even after getting admissions to Cambridge University, Anand could never make it there due to his father’s unfortunate death and monetary crisis of the family. He has sold papad to help his mother earn bread and butter while studying during the afternoons. Afterwards, he went on to start providing tuition to students to earn extra money. 

How it all began?

Anand rented a room in Patna for Rs. 500 a month to start “Ramanujam Institute of Mathematics” a.k.a RSM. The institute which was started with only 2 students, reached 36 in 1 academic session and 500 students in 3 years. Growing rapidly, one day Anand came across a child who could not afford the fees but wanted to study. This triggered a thought in his mind of how underprivileged students’ conditions keep them from getting a proper education. 

Inception of Super-30

In the year 2002, Anand Kumar, a mathematics teacher and Abhayanand, an IPS officer together crafted a programme to be based in Patna, Bihar where they would hand-pick 30 intelligent but underprivileged students to prepare them for JEE(Joint Engineering Exams). The programme which we know today by the name of Super-30. 

In this competitive era where coaching classes are fighting their best to make most by teaching student at unreasonably high fees, Super-30 provides the selected students with 1-year accommodation including food and study material, all free of cost. Jayanti Devi, the mother of Anand Kumar, cooks for the children while Anand, Abhayanand & other tutors provide them tuition.

Every year, RSM conducts a test of underprivileged students, where 4000 to 5000 students appear for the test, of which 30 students get selected to become the part of the programme.
The students who get selected are from economically backward families like that of Rickshaw Driver, Hawkers, beggers, pavement dwellers etc.  

Recognition & Awards to Super-30

The programme has been recognised worldwide by various renowned entities. The institute has been included among the “Best of Asia” list of “Times Magazine” in the year 2010. US President Barack Obama’s special envoy, Mr Rashad Hussain titled Super-30 as the “Best” Institute of India. “Newsweek Magazine” identified them by putting it in its “Four most innovative schools in the world” list.

Anand Kumar has been awarded Laxmipati Singhania IIM Lucknow National Leadership Award, by the then Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley. Not only this, Mr Anand Kumar, the face of the programme has been awarded “Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puraskar” in 2010, which is the highest educational award in the state of Bihar. India’s President Ram Nath Kovind has awarded Anand Kumar with Rashtriya Bal Kalyan for his contribution in the field of teaching and education

Discovery Channel did show an hour-long on Super 30, and The New York Times has dedicated half a page to Kumar for an article about his programme.

Bollywood is also recognising the programme by making a movie based on it. The movie “Super-30” starring Rhitik Roshan is expected to release on 12th July 2019. Anand Kumar was also invited to the famous game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” where he states his agenda and briefly explained how the programme works. Anoop Kumar, an IITian and student of Anand Kumar who accompanies him on the show, won Rs. 25 lakh with the help of Anand Kumar.

Their Success Summary

As per the details available, the following number of students out of Super-30 have cleared the IIT-JEE exams:

Year of Examination No. of Students Passing Examination
2003 18
2004 22
2005 26
2006 28
2007 28
2008 30
2009 30
2010 30
2011 24
2012 27
2013 28
2014 27
2015 25
2016 28
2017 30
2018 26
2019 18

As the stats suggest, the minimum passing percentage of the programme is 60%. Well, that is not that bad a score. 

Anand Kumar’s Mission Statement

They are aimed at providing quality education to students who are intelligent but their poor economic condition barriers them to move ahead in life. They wish to find students at school level so that they can be prepared in a better manner which would help them to excel in school exams as well as Olympiads.

Here is the link to their website:

Don’t you think, that the government should also learn from Anand Kumar? Instead of reserving the nation’s educational crowns for categories and backwards castes, the seats should be reserved for economically backwards sections and only those who have the real intellect in them, may it be from any caste or religion.

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