Until now we thought that American Presidents are the coolest. They have got specialised vehicles, high-tech aircraft & highly trained guards at their service. But Hey! Indian President and Prime Ministers aren’t that bad as well. This is how they roll when it comes to Z-level security.

The Indian Supreme Leaders have a specially designed aircraft for them. It is called “Air India One” and here are all the facts that you need to know about the luxurious ride.

  • The Air Craft is run by Air India, only for serving President, Vice President & Prime Minister of India. Currently, there are 5 such aircraft.
  • The Air India One flight is named as “Flight No. AI-1” always. It is manufactured by Boeing. Its model is Boeing 747-400, which is one of the biggest aircraft produced.
  • The Specialised aircraft is operated by 2 pilots, has additional 2 pilots on board at all times. It has an unofficial staff of 8 pilots on aircraft.
  • The plane encompasses luxurious facilities like VVIP Suites, a bedroom, a lounge, a six-seater office, satellite phones and many more.
  • Technologies like Missile Alert & counter-measure defence systems are amongst the unique features of this aircraft.
  • Being the ride of VVIPs, security for the plane is always on high priority. The Special Protection Groups exercise swab tests on every switch and lever in the cockpit.
  • Currently, Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jets are being used for state visits and medium to long haul visits.

The New Members of Air India One Family:

Air India One is also adding 2 more advanced aircraft of model Boeing 777, specifically for long haul trips. They have some undisputable features:

General Features:

  • The aircraft will be able to store food for 2000 people.
  • It will have air-to-air refuelling facilities for emergency purposes.
  • The said aircraft will have varied modes of communication including mobile and satellite phones specially customized to connect with on-ground airline officials.
  • Equipped with an inbuilt operation theatre, the aircraft will have a 24×7 medical staff available on board.

Security Features:

  • Security of the Supremes is a priority and hence the aircraft will be equipped with LAIRCM (Large Aircraft Infrared Counter-Measures) & SPS (Self-Protection Suites). This will enable the aircraft with an overall RF-Laser-EO protection shell. This individual technology will cost Air India $190 million.
  • Not only this, the air crafts will surpass the security measures being equipped with AIDEWS (Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite) &  CMDS (Counter-Measures Dispensing System).
  • It will also include a 12 guardian laser transmitter assemblies & missile warning sensors.

Well, now you know how lavish & high-tech is the aerial ride of nation’s leaders.

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