Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent firm revealed huge revenue of $61.9 billion and $27.26 earnings per share in the second quarter ended in June. This is probably the technology behemoth’s finest earnings. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, said, ‘our unique solutions, rigorous go-to-market plan, and thriving ecosystem are propelling our speed.


Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google officially confirmed a second net income of $18.5 billion, or $27.26 per share, compared to net earnings of $7 billion, or $10.13 per share, in the prior period. Revenue boosted by 62 percent to $61.9 billion.

The alphabet was typically estimated to have a robust quarter, in part because the digital ad market performed poorly in the first half of 2020. Concerns of a Covid-19 outbreak led to a decline in advertising investment, which hindered or derailed the rise of several technology companies, including Alphabet.

According to Pichai, Google Cloud’s intent on producing industry-specific quick fixes and its open cloud facilities compel the supplier to support leading telecom companies such as Reliance Jio, Telecom Italia, and Ericsson in designing applications and potential concepts for 5G networks and mobile interface computing.

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Google Cloud’s Revenue jumped By Nearly 54%

Besides Alphabet’s advertising sector, Google’s Cloud computing division achieved a more than 50% increase in second-quarter earnings to $4.6 billion. The cloud platform’s operational deficit was minimized from $1.4 billion to $591 million.

Although the loss was substantially lower than experts projected, the company will continue to reinvest vigorously in the business.

Alphabet granted stockholders further reason to applaud when it proclaimed that the board of directors had approved to firm the chance to repurchase Class A shares in addition to the Class C stock that was part of its prior buyback program. The firm proposed an extra $50 billion buyback of class C shares in April.

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YouTube Claims $7 Billion Earnings

YouTube, Alphabet’s other substantial business, captured earnings of $7 billion, an uptick of 84% over the last year.

Moreover, YouTube unveiled that its small video function, YouTube Shorts, which competes with TikTok and Instagram Reels, had “outpaced 15 billion global daily hits.”

This signifies a stunning 131% spike over the 6.5 billion global daily hits that YouTube Shorts garnered in March.

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Significant Contributors of Spiked Revenue

According to Google Revenue Chief Philipp Schindler, retail did the best to enhance the firm’s ad business, while travel, banking services, media, and entertainment are indeed “significant contributors.”

According to CFO Ruth Porat, the company’s output is owing to “enhanced customer online usage” and “broad-based power in advertiser expenditure.” The company announced Search and other revenue of $35.9 billion and YouTube ad revenue of $7 billion, both of which were more than forecasted by investors.

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Google CEO Pichai: We Hit a Lot of Records

Pichai stated, “This quarter, we hit a lot of records.” This quarter, publishing collaborators profited more through our platform than they ever had before. We also compensated more to YouTube authors and affiliates than in any previous quarter.

Furthermore, we have sent so much visitors to third-party websites in the last year than in any previous year, in addition to creating billions of immediate links — such as telephone calls, instructions, ordering meals, and making reservations — that have driven customers and earnings to businesses all over the globe that are collaborating to get back on track.