A German pilot drew an outline of a syringe on the South German sky to celebrate the beginning of the EU’s vaccination drive. Gone are the days when one had to look at the sky above with hands joined and lips praying for a possible way out of a pandemic that has struck the world. Thanks to doctors and medical experts, the vaccinations to curb the COVID-19 pandemic are officially announced and countries around the world have already scheduled mass vaccination drives or already begun with it.

To commemorate this feat, twenty-year-old pilot Samy Kramer based in South Germany decided to do something that would make everyone on the land look at the sky, not with hopelessness, but with awe. Samy took to the sky and marked the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine in his special way- by tracing a giant syringe in the sky using his aircraft. 

Samy flew a light aircraft called Diamond DA20 for 200km in the sky route laid out in the outline of a syringe to mark the beginning of the vaccination drive in Europe. 

According to reports from Reuters, the pilot took off from his aircraft from South Germany with the aim of tracing a giant syringe in the sky and convince the anti-vaxxers who have been opposing COVID-19 vaccines to rethink their position on the idea of vaccination.

Talking to Reuters Samy said, “There are still relatively many people opposing the vaccination and my action may be a reminder for them to think about the topic, to get things moving,” 

It is to be noted that Germany began its vaccination drive the past Sunday. According to the official, over 1.3 million vaccine doses are to be distributed to the local healthcare authorities by the end of this year. From January 2021, the number will be increased to 7,00,000 doses per week.