Proving that true champions prevail amid stressful conditions and come out stronger than before, Nisha Dahiya became the national champion amid the confusion regarding the namesake wrestler’s murder. Her championship came just a day after news media was reporting the news of the murder of a wrestler with the same name. Representing Railways at the National Wrestling Championship, Nisha bagged the gold medal in the 65kg weight category.

Earlier, on the day the news of another wrestler Nisha Dahiya’s murder broke out, the current National Wrestling Championship took to Instagram and made a short video in which she claimed that she is well, alive and at the competition.


The media, especially the press media, is known as the fourth pillar of democracy. Its job is to communicate the happenings around the world and country, whilst raising questions on the issues worth pondering about.

However, in the day and age of internet where time is currency and being first pays the most, some media outlets share stories without verifying the sources. This leads to massive confusion, which can at time lead to hysteria.

Recently, India’s prominent wrestler Nisha Dahiya found reports of her murder spreading like wildfire due to identity confusion.

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The Facts of the Matter

Amid all the confusion pertaining to her identity, 23-year-old Nisha Dahiya rose to the occasion at the National Wrestling Championship (senior). Playing her final, the wrestler defeated her rival Jaspreet Kaur in a bout that lasted in just 30 seconds. Shedding all the stress she must’ve felt after being subjected to strange rumors, Nisha Dahiya became National Wrestling Champion and bagged the gold in the 65kg category.

“Could Not Even Sleep”: Dahiya Shares Experience Post “Murder News”

After winning her bout, she said how she was stressed due to the issue regarding the mistaken identity. “It indeed is a happy and perfect end to my campaign. I was so stressed yesterday. I could not even sleep. I was already low on energy due to weight cut and this incident just proved too much to handle,” the wrestler said, as quoted by Press Trust of India.

The athlete added that it’s a wish of every athlete to be spoken about but she wanted to let people know about her through her performance and not due to such “freak accidents”.

Going into the detail about the consequences of the fake news, she said, “I got so many calls that I had to switch off my phone. It was becoming tense and I wanted to stay focussed on my competition. Eventually, it did not affect my performance.”

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What Was the Rumour About?

Earlier this week, Nisha Dahiya received tons of messages and calls, showing concern, sadness and even condolences. After a while, Nisha realized that it was a massive confusion that stemmed from mistaken identity.

The same day, it was reported that a wrestler named Nisha was gunned down along with her brother and her trainer in Sonepat, Haryana. Interestingly, the deceased’s wrestler’s name was Nisha Yadav, and not Nisha Dahiya.

However, that didn’t stop major news platforms to publish articles with Nisha Dahiya’s names and her pictures of receiving bronze medal at the U-23 World Championship.

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Nisha Dahiya Took to Instagram to Curb the Confusion

Hours later when every major platform was running along with publishing the news of Nisha Dahiya’s murder, the wrestler took to Instagram to curb the confusion. Taking to Instagram, the wrestler issued a small video statement in which she said, “I am in Gonda to play the nationals. I am alright. It’s a fake news. I am fine.”


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