In a recent episode of Shark Tank India 2, judge Amit Jain slammed pitchers, calling them out for their ‘bekaar branding’, only to be interrupted by fellow-judge Namita Thapar. Thapar asked Jain to not be too harsh on the pitchers. However, Jain vehemently disagreed to Thapar, and went on to say that he wants to be harsh. The drama unfolded when two entrepreneurs were pitching for their haircare brand.

In a recent episode of the show, entrepreneurs Hinshra Manadath Habeeb and Yuba Mohammed Romin Aga, introduced their haircare brand and sought Rs 75 lakhs for measly 2.5% equity in their business. The sharks heard the two entrepreneurs’’ story, how their brand operates, its finances, and lots more. With more words coming from the pitchers’ mouths, the sharks were backing off.

Vineeta Singh was the first to opt out, explaining the problems of their business and adding that their price point was too high. Meanwhile Anupam Mittal found the entrepreneurs to be lacking in marketing instinct.

It was newly introduced shark Amit Jain, who remained the most critical of the business and the pitchers. “Aap log timepass karrahehain (you are just passing your time)”, Jain said, and further adding that their branding is ‘bekaar’ (poor).

The Facts of the Matter

On Shark Tank India, judges often give some brutally honest feedback to pitchers who come to the stage seeking investments. In the first season of the reality show, judge Ashneer Grover took away the crown for being the most critically honest shark on the show. So much so, that his phrases ‘ye toh doglapan hai’ and ‘bhai tu kya kar raha hai yaar’ have transcended into the meme world.

Recently, newly introduced judge Amit Jain, who takes place of Ashneer Grover, was heard giving some critical feedback to two entrepreneurs. Not only did the CarDekho founder called the entrepreneurs out for simply passing their time, he also called their branding ‘bekaar’.

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Pitchers Present Haircare Brand

The entrepreneurs in question were Hinshra Manadath Habeeb and Yuba Mohammed Romin. The two took to the stage, and presented their haircare brand, seeking Rs 75 lakhs for a measly 2.5% equity. Both Hinshra and Yuba explained the ins and outs of their brand, its business model, and their sales so far. However, the judges remained unconvinced when they heard the two pitchers fully.

Vineeta and Namita opted out of the business with the former claiming that their price point is too high for her to find the investment lucrative. Meanwhile, Anupam Mittal called the pitchers out for not having an instinct of marketing in them.

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Anupam Mittal Calls Pitchers Out

Upping the ante, it was Amit Jain who remained the most critical. The CarDekho founder said, “Aap log time pass kar rahe hai (you are just passing your time)”, and added that their branding is “bekaar (poor).”

While Namita had anyway opted out from the deal, she interjected and asked Amit to not be so harsh with the two female pitchers. However, Jain remained critical and said, “I want to be harsh. Saath mein aao pehle, phir junoon aayega (First, come together, then there will be passion).”

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Aman Gupta Gives Conditional Offer

In the end, it was only Aman Gupta who remained and he chose to take advantage of the situation. The boAt co-founder offered the pitchers a conditional deal. He offered them Rs 75 lakhs for 10% equity on the condition that they hire a CMO.

Hearing the condition and a rather hefty equity, the two pitchers negotiated with Aman, only to accept it later and shake their hands with him.


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