In the recent Amul VS PETA India development, the MD of the non-cooperative society asked PETA India who will give livelihood to 10 crore dairy farmers. Amul MD’s response came after the animal rights group asked the non-cooperative dairy organisation to switch to producing vegan milk.


A war of words has initiated between Amul, the biggest dairy product producer in the country and the Indian arm of animal rights organization PETA. On May 28, PETA India wrote a letter to Amul MD, Mr. R.S. Sodhi and asked him to make a decision on switching to all vegan dairy products and benefit from the flourishing vegan market.

“Benefit from the booming vegan food and milk market”: PETA Suggests Amul

PETA India’s letter said-

We would again like to encourage Amul to benefit from the booming vegan food and milk market, instead of wasting resources trying to fight the demand for plant-based products that is only growing. Other companies are responding to market changes, and Amul can too.”

“As the old adage advises, “If you can’t beat them join them” – and Amul could certainly profit from the rising interest in vegan products (such as vegan cheeses, yogurts, etc.). In fact, the demand for vegan food and beverages is so high that a report by Grand View Research revealed that the global dairy alternatives market is estimated to reach USD 52.58 billion by 2028.”

PETA Letter highlights animal milk’s link to climate change

In the letter, PETA India also highlighted about animal milk and its link to climate change. The letter said, “…animal milk’s reputation as a healthy food has been shaken and consumers today worry about its link to climate change, the use of antibiotics and hormones, and of course, cruelty to animals.”

Further, PETA India closed the letter by saying-

“Amul is in a unique position to capitalize on India’s and indeed the whole world’s readiness for vegan milks and food. We hope your company will take advantage of this lucrative market by developing a plan to switch to vegan products soon.”

“PETA wants to snatch livelihood of 100 mil farmers”: Amul MD Responds

In his response, Amul MD R.S. Sodhi tweeted saying-

“Peta wants Amul to snatch livelihood of 100 mill poor farmers and handover it’s all resources built in 75 years with farmers money to market genetically modified Soya of rich MNC at exorbitant prices, which average lower middle class can’t afford.”

Mr. Sodhi’s response included another tweet in which he wrote, “Will they give livelihood to 100 million dairy farmers (70% landless) , who will pay for children school fee .. how many can afford expensive lab manufactured factory food made out of chemicals … And synthetic vitamins ..”

Cow Milk VS Plant based vegan milk: Which is more nutritious?

To know which of the plant based vegan milk choices are more nutritious, one has to know the types of vegan milk. Currently, the most common plant-based milk choices come in the form of almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk.

According to Healthline, 1 standard cup of whole milk from cow contains just about 150 calories, 12 gm of carbs, 8 gm of fat and 8 gm of protein. Compared to this 1 cup of almond milk contains calories ranging from 30-60, 1 gm of carbs, 3 gm of fat and 1 gm of protein. 1 cup of soy milk on the other side, contains 80-100 calories, 4 gm of carbs, 4 gm of fat and 7 gm of protein.

According to this data it is clear that cow-based milk is way more nutritious than any other plant-based vegan milk.

Why is cow milk being targeted by PETA? Is it really bad for me?

Cow milk’s utility has been debated in countries where a large number of its populous was found to be lactose intolerant. As more and more people claimed they were lactose intolerant, dairy producers had to come up with plant-based alternatives for milk.

So, if a person’s body does not show any allergic reactions to the consumption of milk, chances are that they are by and large okay to have cow-milk and it is something which will give them a net-positive if they add it to their dietary plans.

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