Anand Mahindra won the hearts of netizens once more as he fulfilled a promise he made yet again by gifting a house to Idli Amma on Mother’s Day earlier on Sunday. On Mother’s Day, the veteran businessman and influential Twitter user took to the microblogging platform and shared a video of Idli Amma entering her new home.

Along with the video, Mr. Mahindra wrote a tweet that read – “Immense gratitude to our team for completing the construction of the house in time to gift it to Idli Amma on #MothersDay She’s the embodiment of a Mother’s virtues: nurturing, caring & selfless. A privilege to be able to support her & her work. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!”

For the unversed, Idli Amma, is a Vadivelampalayam resident, a village near Tamil Nadu. Her heartwarming story of selling idlis sambhar with chutney for Re 1. for a perod of 37 years went viral back in 2019. Back then, Mr. Mahindra had offered his support to Idli Amma and had said that he would be willing to ‘invest’ in her business.

Earlier in November, Mr. Mahindra was in news for fulfilling his promise of supporting a Manipur teen who stunned the world by making an Iron Man suit from scrap.

The Facts of the Matter

In Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’, Batman was quoted saying – “Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded”. Recently, veteran businessman and prominent Twitter personality Anand Mahindra embodied the notion of rewarding people for their faith. The 67-year-old Mahindra and Mahindra group chairman fulfilled his promise of providing house to ‘Idli Amma’ and shared the development on Mother’s Day.

On Sunday, veteran industrialist Anand Mahindra took to Twitter and shared the news of fulfilling the promise of providing a house to Idli Amma, identified as M. Kamalthal. Mr. Mahindra shared the video of Idli Amma entering her newly constructed home.

He also thanked the people who completed the house’s construction and claimed that Idli Amma is the “embodiment of mother’s virtues”. Finally, he wished netizens a Happy Mother’s Day.

Netizens React to Anand Mahindra Keeping His Word

Who is Idli Amma?

For the unversed, Idli Amma resides in Vadivelampalayam village and is known for selling Idli, sambhar and chutney for an astoundingly cheap price of Re. 1. Further, she has been selling her prepared food for the cheap price for the last 30 years. The good samaritan also gives her services to daily wage workers, abandoned families, and other persons in need.

Idli Amma’s Story Reaches to Anand Mahindra

Back in September 2019, the story of Idli Amma had somehow reached Mr. Anand Mahindra. Back then, he had shared her video of preparing Idlis and extended his assistance, saying he would be happy to “invest” in her business.

Anand Mahindra Promises a House for Idli Amma

Almost two years later, Mr. Mahindra again tweeted with the promise of having her own her own house. “She will soon have her own house cum workspace from where she will cook and sell idlis,” Mr. Mahindra’s tweet had read back in April 2021.

How Anand Mahindra Kept his Word

In subsequent tweets, Mr. Mahindra stated that Idli Amma’s priority was a “new workplace/home”. Mr. Mahindra thanked the registration office at Thondamuthur for helping his team registering the land for Idli Amma’s new home.

Mr. Mahindra also thanked BharatGas Coimbatore for providing a continued gas supply and added that the construction of Idli Amma’s home will begin soon.


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