The chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra has shown interest in supporting an Indian startup shoe manufacturer which uses plastic waste. Ashay Bhave, the founder of ‘Thaely’ came up with this innovative idea of converting waste into productive use.

Details About the Startup

A 23-year old entrepreneur, Ashay Bhave has come up with the idea of converting plastic waste into sneakers. Based on his idea he has named his startup ‘Thaely’ which is derived from the Hindi term of plastic bags. In 2017 when Ashay was pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course, he came up with this idea. After five years, Ashay finally launched his startup this year July.

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What Anand Mahindra has to Say on it

Impressed with Ashay Bhave’s revolutionary idea of manufacturing sneakers using plastic trash, Anand Mahindra showed his interest to support Ashay’s startup by making a tweet.

In his tweet, Anand expressed his embarrassment about missing such a revolutionary startup. Anand also showed interest in buying a pair of shoes manufactured by ‘Thaely’ and even funding it if the company requires it. The chairman also shared the video in which he is seeking help to purchase a pair of shoes by ‘Thaely’ through his Twitter handle.

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The Process of Manufacturing ‘Thaely’ Sneakers

India is a country filled with immense talent and innovative ideas. Ashay Bhave who came up with the idea of manufacturing sneakers from plastic bags, bottles, and other plastic thrash partnered with waste-removal companies which hires rag pickers in the first place.

The collected plastic bags is converted into a fabric named ThaelyTex using heat and pressure which is further designed in a pattern of the shoe. This process is carried out with the help of TrioTap Technologies, Gurugram which helps in collecting, segregating, sanitizing, and then converting the plastic bag into ThaelyTex. The company claims that partnering with ThaelyTex helps it reduce its carbon emissions. It also reads that the workers of TrioTap Technologies are paid fair wages and other basic facilities.

For the remaining parts of the shoes like shoelaces, lining, packaging, etc the plastic bottles are recycled into a fabric named Polyethylene Terephthalate. For the sole of the shoes, the company uses recycled industrial scrap and tires.

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Benefits of Manufacturing ‘Thaely’ Shoes

With this revolutionary idea of manufacturing shoes, ‘Thaely’ has played an important role in reducing the pollution caused by plastic waste. Each pair of ThaelyY2K Pros shoes uses 10 recycled plastic bags and 12 plastic bottles. Since ‘Thaely’ has started its production it has recycled nearly 36000 plastic bags and 25000 plastic bottles. ‘Thaely’ shoes are available at $110 all across the world.