In a bizarre news, a woman in Andheri paid a whopping sum of Rs 59 lakhs to an astrologer to “get complete control” over her husband. In the investigation that followed, the woman’s former lover was booked along with the said astrologer. The matter came to the fore after the husband of the woman in question filed an FIR earlier on Saturday against one Badal Sharma and one Paresh Gada for cheating, and breach of trust.

The 39-year-old businessman from Mumbai, who reportedly has a business of cartridges and printers, his wife was in an extramarital relationship with Paresh Gada about 13 years ago. However, when the businessman got to know about the affair, she claimed to have ended it there and then.

Meanwhile, this year, the businessman had kept Rs 35 lakhs in cash in his cupboard, that had gone missing. Further, Rs 24 lakhs of gold ornaments were also found missing. Initially, the woman claimed that she had no idea about the missing cash and jewellery.

However, when she was taken into confidence by her husband, she said that she had come across an astrologer on social media. The astrologer had promised to do black magic on her husband to have her be in “complete control” of her husband. It was woman’s ex-lover who connected her with the astrologer.

The Facts of the Matter

When all doors of logic and understanding close, people in vulnerable state often look into the world of superstition to find answers. Such pursuits often end in tragedy, with loss of money and even lives. In one such incident, a woman got duped of Rs 59 lakhs by an astrologer, as she wanted him to perform black magic on her husband to gain “complete control” over him.

The matter came to the fore after the 39-year-old husband of the woman found Rs 35 lakhs in cash and Rs 24 lakhs of jewellery missing. The husband filed an FIR against one Badal Sharma and one Paresh Gada, for cheating and breach of trust.

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Wife had Extramarital Affair Over a Decade Ago

As per the complaint filed by the business man, who deals with printers and cartridges, her wife had an affair with one Paresh Gada about 13 years ago. However, when he discovered about the wife’s affair, she had ended the relationship then and there.

The husband in the complaint said that in October, he kept Rs 35 lakhs in cash in the cupboard at his home. The cash was supposed to be utilized for paying Diwali bonus to employees. However, he found the cash missing from the locker. When he inquired the same form his wife, she claimed that she had no idea about the cash.

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Husband Suspects Wife, She Reveals Truth

Unsatisfied with her wife’s answers, he and his elder brother tried to take her into confidence. This was when the woman said that she had come into contact with an astrologer on social media through her ex-lover.

She said that she was frustrated over her frequent fights with the husband, and the astrologer had promised her to do black magic on him, so that she would have “complete control” over him. The astrologer in the matter was identified as Badal Sharma.

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Rs 59 Lakhs Payment for Husband’s “Complete Control”

The astrologer not only took the Rs 39 lakhs in cash, but also extracted the woman’s gold jewellery from her as the “payment” for his black magic rituals. Initially, the husband tried to recover the duped cash and gold through conversations. However, when all the amicable ways of getting back his money failed, he filed a complaint.

Based on the complaint, the ex-lover, Paresh Gada and astrologer Badal Sharma, were booked by the cops under Section 420 (cheating), 406 (breach of trust), of the IPC.


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