In a shocking incident, a man in Andhra Pradesh reportedly killed his teenage daughter her relationship, and later proceeded to give a confession on social media. The incident was reported from Visakhapatnam and occurred earlier on Friday. The alleged accused in the matter has been identified as Vara Prasad, while the deceased teenage has been identified as 16-year-old Nikitha Sri, as per an India Today report.

Inspector of One-Town L Revathamma, the accused may have killed his 16-year-old daughter over her alleged affair with her boyfriend. Reportedly, the accused is an alcoholic whose wife left him about 10 years ago due to his alleged harassment.

A few years back, the victim left the accused’s home and started living with her boyfriend. The police are suspecting this to be a case of honour killing and have taken the accused into custody for further interrogation. The actual cause of the accused’s crime has still not been confirmed.

The accused shared a selfie video on social media where he was quoted saying, “I provided her with whatever she asked for. He brought her up in a pampered manner. I warned her not to talk with the guy, but she didn’t hear. That’s why I killed her.”

He also said that her daughter didn’t focus on her academics, and had been in a relationship against his wishes.

The Facts of the Matter

While the nation continues to be on the path of being a superpower, issues of honour killing and crimes over petty issues like relationship, still continue to hollow its foundations. In one more incident of honour killing reported from Andhra Pradesh, a man recently killed his teenage daughter for allegedly having an affair with her boyfriend.

He then went on to broadcast his confession over social media.

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Accused’s Wife had Eloped 13 Years Ago

The accused was identified as Vara Prasad, a drunkard, as per reports and the victim was identified as 16-year-old Nikitha Sri. As per reports, the incident occurred earlier on Friday, sometime around 4.30 pm. The accused reportedly strangled his daughter to death using his own belt, and then shared his confession on video.

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Both Daughters Left Accused for Relationships

The accused was later taken into custody. The investigation that followed said that the accused’s wife eloped with another man 13 years ago over his alleged harassment. Two years later, the accused’s elder daughter also ran away with a man, with whom she was living with.

The accused was enraged, finding his younger daughter also getting into a relationship and eloping with her boyfriend.

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Accused Gives Confession on Social Media

After killing his 16-year-old daughter, the accused shared a video on social media, giving a confession. “She was having an affair with a guy who lives in the same area. My older daughter had already eloped with her lover. Now, my younger daughter who studies in class 10 was also having an affair,” the accused said, as per a New Indian Express report.

“I provided her with whatever she asked for. He brought her up in a pampered manner. I warned her not to talk with the guy, but she didn’t hear. That’s why I killed her,” he had also added in his confession video.

The cops have not denied or confirmed whether the accused killed his daughter for the reason he mentioned in video. For now, they have taken him into custody, and a probe is on.


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