In a startling incident of elder abuse reported from Andhra Pradesh, a drunk man was seen kicking and thrashing his mother for allegedly refusing to give him money for alcohol. The video of the incident has since gone viral on social media, with many netizens criticizing the man’s horrific actions. The incident was reported from Andhra’s Kakinada district’s Pallepalem village in Kajuluru mandal.

Following the incident, the 40-year-old man was arrested for physically assaulting his 70-year-old mother at their house. The accused was identified as Thalliboyina Venkanna while her mother was identified as Lakshmi.

Reportedly, Lakshmi had been staying with her elder son Subba Rao, a daily wage worker. Meanwhile, the accused’s wife had already left him with their two kids a year or so ago due to his drinking and abusive habits.

On Sunday, the accused approached his mother, demanding more money for to sustain his alcoholism. When she refused, he took the money forcefully and got drunk. After drinking, the woman’s son lashed out on his mother and physically assaulted her.

Later, her elder son rushed her to the hospital, and the police were able to arrest the accused.

The incident comes a month after another elderly abuse incident was reported from Karnataka where a man abandoned his mother at a temple, leaving her with a phone without SIM.

The Facts of the Matter

While parents in India are elevated to the position of a Godly figures, the reality is quite murky and concerning. Elderly abuse continues to be a prevalent issue in the country. Moreover, elderly abuse cases are not added in any National Crime Records Bureau reports, the issue remains untouched by policy changes and reforms.

Recently, another horrific incident of elderly abuse was reported from Andhra Pradesh, where a drunk man repeatedly thrashed his mother for refusing money for alcohol. The incident occurred earlier on Sunday and was reported from Andhra’s Kakinada district.

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Accused’s Wife had Already Left him

The accused, identified as 40-year-old Venkanna attacked his mother Lakshmi in an inebriated state. The victim of the assault, 70-year-old Lakshmi, lived in Yanam with her elder son Subba Rao, a daily wage worker. Meanwhile, the accused’s wife had already left him with their two kids due to his alcoholism and abusive habits.

Bringing Mother Home to “Take Care of Her”

A month or so back, the accused went to Yanam, and picked up a fight with his elder brother Subba Rao. He claimed that he would take care of his mother, and brought her to his home. For the time she had been with her abusive son Venkanna, she had to give up on her old-age pension money (Rs. 2,500) for his son’s alcohol.

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Mother Takes Stand for Self, Gets Assaulted

Earlier this Sunday, Lakhsmi took a stand for herself and refused to give her pension money for his son’s alcohol habits. This enraged the accused Venkanna who forcefully took the money and spent it on alcohol.

After he got drunk, he came back to his mother and attacked her. He kicked and shoved her in his drunk state. When Lakshmi fell on the floor due to the abuse, the accused put his feet on his mother’s neck.

The accused kicked his mother indiscriminately as bystanders looked at the ordeal like spectators. The bystanders feared that if they intervened, the accused would beat them up too. It was only when Lakshmi got unconscious, that the locals shifted her to the Yanam Government Hospital.

Watch Video (Viewer’s Discretion Advised)

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Attempt to Murder Case Filed

Meanwhile, the police responded to the incident after the video of the attack went viral on social media. On the orders of Kakinada Superintendent of Police M. Rabindranath Babu, Gollapalem in-charge took the case and recorded the details.

The accused was meanwhile taken into custody, and a case of attempted murder was registered against him.

Elderly Abuse in India – Look At Numbers

According to the Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI) survey, at least 5% of the country’s elderly population (60 or above), were ill-treated in 2020. The elderly abuse as per the report was more prevalent in Bihar (12%), Karnataka (10%), West Bengal (8%), and Uttar Pradesh (6%).


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