In a horrific incident being reported from Andhra Pradesh, a drunk man slaughtered a man who was holding a sacrificial goat during an animal sacrifice ceremony. The incident was reported from Valasapalli village located in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. The victim was identified as 35-year-old Suresh while the accused was identified as Chalapati. Reportedly, the animal sacrifice was being held earlier on Sunday during the Sakranti celebrations. The accused has been booked under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Section 302 (Punishment for murder). Reportedly, even though the accused was in an inebriated state, he swung the sharp weapon so hard, that the victim’s head was almost separated from torso.


In India, animal sacrifice, colloquially called ‘bali’, is centuries-old tradition that is observed by several communities across multiple religions. The practice of sacrificing animals to appease deities go back to the period of Vedas, and the scriptures mention such instances, shedding light on the fact that the tradition, riding on the back of animal cruelty is centuries old.

While, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 has sections, where slaughtering animals is punishable under the law, ‘animal sacrifice’ is not explicitly punishable.

Moreover, Section 28 of the Act also mentions that killing in the name of a ritual, does not fall under the gamut of animal cruelty.

PETA, and various other animal rights groups have explicitly raised calls to impose a ban on ritualistic animal sacrifice. However, no such amendment has been put forth so far.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a small village near Chhitoor district, Andhra Pradesh, a ritual called Kondachuttu was being held on Sunday. The ritual is held every year to mark the beginning of the Sankrant festival. The ritual attracts a gathering of hundreds of villagers that celebrate the ritual well into the night.

As part of the ritual, an animal sacrifice is done at the local Yellamma temple. Little did the villagers know, that their ritual to appease a deity, will turn into a murderous affair.

How the Horrific Incident Transpired

Reportedly, on Sunday evening the villagers reached to the Yellamma temple to conduct the animal sacrifice. At this time, a drunk man, identified as Talari Chalapati, was sacrificing animals one after the other at the temple premises. In a shocking turn-of-events, Talari ended up swinging his weapon and cutting off the head of a 25-year-old man called Suraj. Reportedly, the victim was holding the sacrificial animal when drunk Talari attacked him, instead of the animal.

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Victim’s Head Was Almost Cut Off From Torso

Soon, the horrified family of the victim rushed him to the nearest government hospital located at the Madanpalle. However, he had already succumbed to his injuries. Reportedly, even in an inebriated condition, the accused swung his weapon so hard that the victim’s head was almost cut off from the torso.

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Accused Arrested, Investigation Underway

After the incident, the accused was taken into the custody of the Madanpalletaluq police station. A case has also been registered against the accused under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. The case is under investigation. The police has claimed that it will ascertain whether the act was premeditated or by accident It should be noted that the victim is survived by his wife and two children.


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