In Andhra Pradesh, a family throw a lavish 365-dish treat to their future son-in-law as part of Makar Sankranti celebration. The 365 dishes included a slew of sweets, multiple varieties of Biryani, sweets, rice, curries, and a slew of hot and cold beverages. Moreover, different types of ice creams, pastries, cakes, and other modern sweets were also included in the extravagant menu. Reportedly, both the families had come together on the occasion of Bhogi- Sankranti-Kanuma. According to reports, the future son-in-law has been identified as Saikrishna and his future bride is Kundavi. It should be noted that the bride’s family followed the custom of inviting son-in-law to the harvest festival.


In traditional Indian families, sons-in-laws holds a special importance in the hearts, minds, and dining-tables of his in-laws. From the moment the son-in-law’s visit is announced, the in-laws frantically scramble together to prepare for his arrival. From lovely food dishes to other preparations, sons-in-laws get attention that they would not be even given at a highly rated hotel. Such biases at times become a cause of debate for people believing that equal attention must be paid to both the genders.

However, today we are not going to talk about a debate. We will be talking about a family, that expressed their love for their son-in-law in a unique way.

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The Facts of the Matter

Many Indians would be aware of the phrase, “Aadmi ke dil ka raasta, uske pet se guzarta hai” Well, if that’s the case than a family in Andhra Pradesh have won the heart of their future son-in-law. Won it 365 times over.

Reportedly, Andhra Pradesh based jeweller Venkateswara Rao and his wife Madhavi invited their future son-in-law and his parents to celebrate the Makarsakranti festival and have a lunch. Little did the son-in-law know that he and his family would be treated with not 10,20 or 50 or 100 food dishes, but 365 dishes.

Why 365 dishes? The family member was quoted by news agency ANI who said, “To show our love for our future son-in-law, 365 varieties of food were arranged considering 365 days of a year.”

Who is the Lucky Son-in-Law?

It’s a ritual among Telegu community to invite the future and present son-in-law for the annual harvest festival. The lucky son-in-law in this situation has been identified as Saikrishna and his wife has been identified as Kundavi.

Reportedly, Saikrishna, along with his parents T Subrahmanyam and Annapurna went to Kundavi’s place to take part in the extravagant meal. After the meal, the couple reportedly tied the knot. As one would assume, the fascinating treat became the talk of both East and West Godavari districts.

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What All Was Prepared in the Lavish Meal?

What was in the lavish treat? Well, multiple varieties of curries, biriyanis, Pulihora were prepared for the son-in-law. A slew of ice-creams, traditional sweets from Godavari, were also introduced. To come to 365 dishes, the family also added a slew of hot and cold beverages, fruits, cakes, puddings, pastries, and similar confectionary items.

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Not First Such Instance

It should be noted that this is not the first time a son-in-law was treated with such a wonderfully laid out meal. In South-India, sons-in-law are usually given an extravagant welcome and are treated with similarly laid out meals. In 2020, an Odisha woman prepared 105 dishes for a son-in-law who was visiting her. From traditional Odia sweets to varieties of curries and rice, the newly married son-in-law was treated with a kingly meal.


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