In a hair-raising incident, a woman in Andhra Pradesh walked about 6 km with a severed head packed in a polythene bag to surrender at a police station. The woman along with her relatives killed her sister’s daughter-in-law over extramarital affair. The incident was reported from a village in Annamaya district, Andhra Pradesh. The accused in the matter were identified as Subbamma and Chandra. The victim was identified as Vasundhara.

According to a TOI report, Subbamma’s son and Vasundhara got married a few years ago. Things changed when Subbamma’s son passed away three years ago. After his passing, Vasundhara started having an extramarital affair with a man identified as Mallikarjuna.

When Subbamma found out about the ordeal, she gave multiple warnings to Vasundhara to stop her affair and mend her ways. Despite the warnings, Vasundhara continued her affair. Earlier last week, Subbamma and Chandra called Vasundhara for lunch and brutally murdered her.

She beheaded Vasundhara and then reached the Rayachoty police station with Vasundhara’s severed head packed in a polythene bag to surrender.

Earlier in March, a similar incident was reported from Odisha where a man beheaded an 8-year-old girl and walked around the village with her severed head.

In August, a man in Bihar beheaded his wife and daughter and took his wife’s head at her maternal home.


According to a police presentation from 2021, crimes against women cases in Andhra Pradesh rose by a shocking 25% in 2021. Meanwhile, the overall crime rate in the state increased by 3%. A further look in the numbers show that a total of 75 cases of rape were registered in the state while 1,061 sexual offences were registered within just seven days.

Amid the increasing rate of crimes against women, another shocking crime was reported from the state where a woman was brutally beheaded by her relatives over her extramarital affair.

The Facts of the Matter

35-year-old Vasundhara was brutally murdered by her relatives Subbamma and Chandra over her alleged extramarital affair. The incident was reported from a village in Rayachoty Mandal, Annamayya district, Andhra Pradesh.

The crime occurred earlier on Thursday afternoon, following which Subbamma walked six kilometers with the severed head of the victim to surrender at the police station.

Accused’s Daughter-in-law Started having Affair

According to reports, Subamma’s son and Vasundhara got married a few years back. Things took a turn for worse when Vasundhara’s husband passed away three years ago. Since then, she started having an affair with a man identified as Mallikarjun.

Accused Takes Matters in her Hands

When Subbamma found out about Vasundhara’s affair, she gave her repeated warnings and directed her to mend her ways. However, Vasundhara continued her affair with Mallikarjun. Enraged over the same, Subbamma decided to take matters in her own hands.

On Thursday last week, Subbamma invited Vasundhara for a lunch. During their meeting, they had a heated argument. An enraged Subbamma brutally killed Vasundhara and beheaded her with the help of Chandra.

Severed Head as “Self-Defence”: Accused

Subbamma then walked some six kilometers and reached the Rayachoty town police station to surrender before the police. She carried the severed head of Vasundhara packed in a plastic bag. She gave the police an account of her heated argument with Vasundhara and said that she severed the head of her daughter-in-law in “self-defence”.


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