In Andhra Pradesh, a woman’s body was found chopped up & stored in drum. Cops have reportedly suspected the woman to have been killed over a year ago. The incident is the latest in the spate of women across the nation being murdered, chopped into pieces & then disposed at random places. The most barbaric and the attention-grabbing incident transpired earlier last month where a woman in Delhi, Shraddha Walkar, was reportedly chopped into 35 pieces by her boyfriend Aaftab Poonawalla.

The latest incident from Andhra came to the fore after owner of a house forcefully barged into the house to clear belongings of another person present in the house. The previous tenant had evicted the house earlier in June 2021, without clearing their dues, claiming the pregnancy of his wife.

However, it is now being reported that the person had entered the house from the backdoor once without the permission of the house owner or clearing his dues. After the house owner broke into the house, he discovered a drum which had several chopped-up body parts of a female victim.

As per the cops, initial investigation indicates that the body of the victim was chopped into pieces about a year ago, only to be discovered now. The victim is being suspected to be the wife of the previous tenant.

The Facts of the Matter

After the Shraddha Walkar case, incidents of women being murdered in the most gruesome way imaginable, are coming to the fore. Just how Walkar was allegedly chopped up into pieces by her boyfriend, similar cases have surfaced in the recent past, where women have been for myriad of motives, been killed off in the same way.

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Woman’s Mutilated Body Parts Found in Drum

In the most recent of such cases, a man in Andhra Pradesh recently discovered a drum in the house he had rented out. The drum reportedly had the mutilated and chopped up pieces of a female victim, prompting the house owner who discovered the drum, to alert the cops.

The incident was reported from Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam, and it is being suspected that the female victim was killed at least a year ago.

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Victim Could be Wife of Tenant

Ch. Srikanth, Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam was quoted in an NDTV report saying, “We’re suspecting that it could be his wife. The (house) owner has given a complaint, based on which a case has been registered.”

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How the Matter Came to Fore

The matter came to the fore when a house owner forcefully entered the space, he had rented out to clear the belongings of the previous tenant. Back in June 2021, the tenant had vacated the place without clearing off the dues, claiming his wife was pregnant, and cited other expenses not letting him clear his dues.

After waiting for a year and expecting that the tenant would clear the dues, the house owner decided to enter the house, and get rid of the tenant’s belongings This was when he spotted a drum, which reportedly had chopped up pieces of the body of a female victim.

As per the cops, the tenant had entered the house at least once after leaving the place without clearing the dues. After the cops were alerted, they recovered the drum filled with body parts, and an investigation has been launched in the matter.


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