In a terrifying video not for the faint of heart, an angry elephant can be seen attacking a safari jeep. The safari jeep was filled with tourists – with some shrieking due to fear and others tongue tied because of the attack. The video also showed the brute strength of the elephant who effortlessly pushed the vehicle far enough and ended up damaging it without redemption. Interestingly though, like most elephants, the tusker chose not to hurt humans, and backed up after making its ‘statement’.

The video just comes days after the netizens were awed by the smartness of the gentle giant who climbed a fence with its 4 legs.


According to a WWF, human – animal conflicts has emerged as one of the biggest reasons for the deaths of animals across species. Elephants, specially have been holding the worst cards in the situation, with several humans killing them due to fear.

According to reports, India houses the largest number of Asian elephants (29,964), constituting to just about 60% of the overall population. However, due to human habitation and shrinking space, these elephants are left to fend for themselves, and as a consequence, unintentionally kill humans.

Reportedly every year 100 elephants and 500 humans are killed in human-animal conflict incidents. Recently a video of such conflict is going viral, with thankfully, no one injured or killed.

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The Facts of the Matter

A wildlife safari is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only does one feel closer to nature, but the safari also presents a chance for people to educate themselves about different aspects of animal kingdom. While most wildlife safaris are conducted in a safe environment, at times, all hell breaks loose.

A similar incident happened at the Selati Game Reserve in Limipopo. A group of people were enjoying the safari sitting in a vehicle when they came across a wild elephant. The group was also accompanied with instructors and guides who soon realized that all was not well.

However, before they could leave the the space, a wild elephant attacked the vehicle. Soon, instructors asked people to come back to the other vehicle. The entire ordeal was caught on the video, which is going viral on the internet.

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What Does the Video Show?

In one of the videos, a vehicle can be seen heading straight towards a herd of elephants. Out of nowhere, an elephant comes and moves its trunk, showing aggression. A cacophony of elephants making trumpet sounds can also be heard.

Meanwhile, the vehicle stopped and the wild tusker appled some of its strength and pushed it around.

In a second video, the true destruction can be seen fully. The video was taken from a different vehicle and captured several tourists making their way out of the vehicle which was being attacked. Someone saying “Get out of the car” with utmost urgency can also be heard.

However, what made the second video interesting was that the giant chose not to attack any humans. Although people several times smaller than the elephants were rushing around, the elephant chose to back off and walk away.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React to Elephant Attacking Wildlife Safari Vehicles


Video Shows ‘Aftermath of the Elephant Attack’

A video soon surfaced on Twitter which reportedly shows the aftermath of the elephant attack. It showed the safari jeep in a completely wrecked state. The passenger door of the vehicle was completely smashed and looked beyond repair. The front side of the vehicle was equally smashed with massive dents and cracks on the windshield.