In another shocking pit bull attack, a cow was attacked recently in UP’s Kanpur, with video of the incident making rounds of social media. The incident was reported from Sarsaiya Ghat, Kanpur, and comes at a time when attacks by dogs – both strays and pets – are on a rise. After video of the incident went viral, the civic body of the city seized the dog. Meanwhile, the cow reportedly suffered serious injuries in its jaw, and was rushed to the veterinary hospital.

In the video gone viral, a pit bull can be seen having its jaw locked to a cow’s jaw. The cow struggles and tries to somehow save itself. Amid the chaos and confusion, the owner of the dog and two others rushed to the spot to rescue the cow being attacked. However, the pit bull remained undeterred despite being hit by a cane.

Eventually, the pet dog owner and other rescuers took the two animals deep in the water near the ghat, and eventually, the two animals were separated and the cow was rescued.

Earlier in July this year, a 80-year-old woman in Lucknow was found in the pool of her own blood at the terrace of her home. It was later revealed that her pet pit bull had attacked her.

The Facts of the Matter

Lately, the spate of dog attacks in India have sparked debate around the perils of owning or adopting a dog. While the debate continues, another shocking incident of a dog attack was reported from UP’s Kanpur, where a pit bull was seen attacking a cow.

The incident was reported near the sarsaiya ghat. The incident was caught on video, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, some locals are seen trying to pull away a pit bull who has its jaws locked on a cow’s jaws. The locals also include the pit bull’s owner, who are trying hard to rescue the cow. However, the dog remains undeterred and continues with its attack. The pet owner also hit the dog with a cane, however, this attempt too fails, and the dog remains fixated on the cow’s jaw. Eventually, the owner and other locals drag the cow and the dog to the river beside the ghat, and continue hitting it with a cane. The joint effort somehow works and the two animals are seperated.

Watch the Video here:

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Pet Pit Bull Vaccinated & Registered: Vet Officer

After the video went viral, the authorities seized the dog and put it in a cage. Meanwhile, the injured cow was rushed to the veterinary hospital, having sustained serious injuries in the jaw. According to reports, the same bit bull had attacked another person in the same locality only a week ago.

As per Dr. RK Niranjan, chief veterinary officer, who spoke to ANI, the pet pit bull is documented for and is also vaccinated. The pet dog’s owner, Goldie Mishra, also called the city’s municipal corporation with all the relevant papers for further action.

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Nearly Half-a-Dozen Dog Attacks in Less Than 2 Months

It should be noted that at least half-a-dozen have been attacked by pit-bulls, strays and other pets recently in India. In July, an 80-year-old woman in Lucknow was mauled and killed by her pet pit bull.

In August, a woman in Gurugram was mauled and was left grievously injured in a similar pit bull attack.

Earlier this month, a pet dog bit a child in an elevator in Ghaziabad, and less than a week later, another pet dog attacked a man in elevator in Noida.


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