Another slapping incident was recently reported in Noida where a woman was caught on a CCTV slapping a high-rise society security guard. The incident comes just days after a man in Gurugram abused and assaulted a liftman and security guard of a high-rise apartment building after being rescued from a stuck lift.

The most recent Noida slapping incident was reported from Noida’s Sector 121 and occurred at the entrance of a high-rise residential building called Cleo Country. The incident was caught on CCTV, visuals of which are making rounds of social media. Many netizens on Twitter have already started lashing out on elites living in posh buildings and mistreating the staff of the buildings.

In the video of the incident, a woman can be seen confronting a security guard who appears to be doing his job. The woman corners the security guard who can be seen taking a few steps back. Out of nowhere, the woman slaps the security guard multiple times as other guards transform into mute spectators.

Following the incident, an FIR was filed based on the security guard’s complaint. The woman was arrested under Section 151 of the Indian penal Code. However, she was granted bail as the offence is a bailable one.

The Facts of the Matter

There has been a spate of incidents where privileged elites are seen misbehaving with people in Noida, Gurugram, and other major cities. In the most recent such incident, a woman was seen misbehaving with a security guard in Noida, and then slapping him repeatedly.

The incident was reported from Noida’s Cleo County located in Sector 121. The undated incident was caught on CCTV where a woman, allegedly a professor, slapped a security guard. The accused was identified as professor Sutapa Das. The victim of the assault was identified as Sachin.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video gone viral shows a group of security guards going about their duty. Soon, a woman enters the frame and starts having a verbal argument with a security guard. The hostile woman can be seen wagging her finger on the security guard’s face as other guards stand their speechless. Out of nowhere, the woman can be seen slapping the security guard repeatedly on his face.

Watch the Video here:

According to an NDTV report, the accused professor’s issue with the guard that he was too late in opening the gate. Meanwhile, the guard Sachin has his own version of the incident. Reportedly, her car number plate was not appearing in the RFID. Despite that, the guards let them in. However, she started abusing and hitting Sachin.

Following the incident, Sachin filed a complaint against the professor. Station House Officer Vijay Kumar stated that an FIR was filed based on the guard’s complaint under Section 151 of the IPC. However, as the offence is bailable, she was granted bail.

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The Slapgate Incidents Involving Indian Elites

Earlier, a Noida-based lawyer Bhavya Roy, was seen on camera getting in a heated argument with the security guards of a housing society, and manhandling one of the guards. The incident was reported from Jaypee Wishtown society. Reportedly. Bhavya got into a heated argument with the guards because of delay in opening of the entry gate. She was arrested on the basis of the complaint, and was later granted bail.

Similarly, in Gurugram, a man was seen on CCTV slapping a liftman and security guard of his building, after being rescued from an elevator that was stuck. The accused, Varun Nath, rewarded the security guard and liftman of the building for rescuing him by slapping them.


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