Good news Apple lovers, No! Not the fruit, but we are talking about Apple products.

Apple has decided to shift its production of iPhones, iPads, and Mac to other Southeast Asian countries than China, which includes India and Vietnam, in order to diversify and speed-up its products.

Even though the Biden administration has hopes of easing the trade tensions between the United States and China, Apple is planning to expand. As per certain reports, Apple is planning to make iPhone 12 series in India which will most possibly start by this quarter. With that being shared, Apple is also planning to start making iPads in Vietnam by middle of 2021.

Reportedly, Apple will switch its production of items like earphones, smart speakers and computers from China to other countries. This moving out of China is said to be a part of Apple’s diversification strategy.

Allegedly the California-based company is deploying suppliers to swell up the production capacity of its “reasonable” voice-activated smart speaker aka HomePod Mini. Since the launch of this device in 2020, it has been produced in Vietnam. Currently the local production of other audio-related products and various AirPods has been increased in Vietnam.

There are sources which are of the saying that the MacBook production will also be shifting to different Southeast Asian countries this year and Mac mini has already been shifted to Malaysia. Moving out of China was a distant dream a few years back but now it’s not impossible anymore.

Apple MAC MINI 2020

Not only Apple but Apple’s suppliers are also planning to move to Vietnam. Few examples of suppliers who have already started to shift are Foxconn, it has already invested USD 270 million for a subsidiary there and Luxshare Precision Industry is also lifting the production in the country.

According to the reports, Apple is supposed to produce a large number of its products outside China. For production of Apple products, India is the second largest production base for iPhones.

In 2020 though the shift started, it is supposed to continue in 2021 as the US President Joe Biden has assured that the tariff policy by the Trump administration will not be reversed immediately.