Often looked like a luxury accessory, recently, an Apple Watch saved the life of a woman who didn’t even notice that she had a heart attack. The We see the perils of technology almost every day. From online trolling, to addiction to social media, technology has changed how humans interact and live, in almost every way. But in a heartwarming development, a piece of technology is being credited for saving a life.


Life can be interesting. And what makes it more interesting, is its bouts with its counter – death. We may never know what could save us life. Sometimes a fateful decision of not hailing a flight can save us, or sometimes taking that one extra bit of precaution can help us add years. But at times, it’s a simple piece of technology.

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Apple – Creating Perfection While Being Hunted by Trollers

Consumer electronics giant Apple, that’s popularly a trolling favorite for its relatively expensive products, sometimes provide such nifty features in its products, that it can increase time on hands, enhance productivity, and even, save a life. Apple Watch is recently being credited to have saved a woman’s life that apparently didn’t even know she had a heart-attack.

Meet Diane Feenstra, the Woman Saved by Apple Watch

Meet Diane Feenstra, a Michigan based woman who was wearing her Apple Watch on a fateful day. On April 22, she claimed to have had 169 bpm heart rate even though she had just walked up to 12 steps. Her Apple Watch alerted her and she consulted her husband who then asked her to go see a doctor. Later, she went to an Emergency Room where an EKG displayed that she had suffered a heart attack without even realising it.

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These were the symptoms Diane felt

Diane was quoted by WZZM 13 saying-

“Unlike men who feel an elephant on their chest many times, a woman’s symptoms are very different. I had pain going down my left hand, I had a little swelling in my left foot, I had indigestion that I just explained away as acid reflux that I was experiencing as I got older. The biggest thing was pain in my shoulder and I figured I had vacuumed and put my muscles out of whack somehow.”

Mrs. Diane said that along with the symptoms that she felt, an alert from her Apple Watch was enough to catch her attention. She claimed that the alert was God’s way of telling her about her heart.’

Diane Heeds to Apple Watch Alert, Goes to Emergency Room

Be it time, or be it the countless hours of Apple researchers that made this device so small yet so powerful, Diane was smart enough to not waste time further. According to her EKG, she had little to no time left on her. Upon reaching the emergency room, her doctors gave her aspirins and sent her to a major hospital.

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‘An Apple a Day, Keeps Doctor (and Death) Away’

It should be noted that the Apple Watch was actually Diane’s birthday gift from her husband Gary. Gary narrated the incident to local news and said-

“How it started was she purchased one for me first for my birthday and her birthday is a month later, and I said if I’m going to get one then I’m going to get one for you too…no she didn’t want one or think it was necessary and I did it anyway.”

While the saying goes – An apple a day keeps the doctor away. In Diane’s case however, this Apple did a lot more!