Tech disrupter Apple is reportedly working on foldable iPhones and may have minor updates planned for 2021, according to Bloomberg. As we crawl our way through the new year, the Apple rumour mill is already filled with rumours surrounding apple’s entry into the foldable smartphone ecosystem with a foldable iPhone. 

The Foldable Apple iPhone

The California-based company has created a prototype of foldable screens for internal testing according to Bloomberg. The company reportedly doesn’t have a concrete plan of action for the actual release of the foldable iPhone. According to a person involved directly in the development, the process hasn’t gone beyond the display side of things. This means Apple doesn’t have a fully functioning prototype of its foldable iPhone in the labs yet.   

The foldable Apple iPhone display which is still in testing, has invisible hinge with the electronic components placed behind the display, according to Bloomberg’s report.  

This would be a radical development for Apple. Apple has over the last few years have created evolutionary iterations of their smartphones, but nothing revolutionary has come out of their arsenal. 

The tech giant truly disrupted the tech world when it came with the all-screen touchable iPhone in 20017 with music playback and internet connection capabilities. The disruption was on such a scale that it made iPhones arguably the most successful smartphone in the world. Apple also leveraged on iPhones success over the years and became the world’s most valuable companies with a value cap of 1 trillion dollars.  

Apple iPhone, iPad for 2021:

According to the same Bloomberg report, Apple isn’t planning on bringing major changes to the iPhone’s line up this year. The company already made some new pivotal changes to their iPhone line-up in 2020 by bringing 5G capability, new designs and its proprietary Magsafe charging solution.  

The company’s engineers are considering bringing an “S” version to the 2020 iPhone line-up. The “S” versions of iPhones have historically been released with minor upgrades and at a relatively less cost. One of the key upgrades people can see in 2021’s iPhone is the introduction of an all-new in-screen fingerprint scanner.  

The current iPhones don’t come with a fingerprint scanner, a change apple brought to their iPhones in 2017. Currently Apple’s Face ID accompanied with passcode is the only security feature iPhones come with. Given how the world is adapting to a “mask on” approach, an-in screen fingerprint reader would be a welcome change. Especially because the Face ID fails in an environment where a user is wearing a mask.  

Though one should not consider Apple waving their Face ID system a good bye. Apple Face ID is more than just a security system as it is also useful for AR (augmented reality) and other camera-based functionality. 

Another important change the iPhone manufacturer is considering is making the iPhones completely port-less. According to reports, iPhones of the future may ditch the traditional charging ports and feature wireless charging only.  

Coming to the tablet side of the tech company, Apple will be bringing out new iPad Pros this year with the same design language. The new 2021 iPad Pro will come with a MiniLED display and the much praised Apple-based processor.  

In Closing,

With its foldable iPhone now in works, Apple is eyeing to give Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Fold Z a run for its money. A completely foldable iPhone would let Apple develop an iPhone with a much larger screen in a portable package. Currently the foldable device market is filled with devices from Samsung, Huawei, Motorola with displays that range anywhere from 6-8 inches. 


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