Our so-called worst enemy has one of the best solutions. At least, someone is taking rapes into consideration and has decided to pass certain laws. In Islamabad, on Tuesday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has given in-principle approval for a law on the chemical castration of rapists and fast-tracking of sexual assault cases.

A draft of the anti-rape ordinance was presented by the Law Ministry in the federal  Cabinet meeting where this decision was made. This draft comprises the increasing role of women in policing, fast-tracking rape cases, and witness protection. Though there is no official announcement yet.

As per the GeoTv report, PM Imran Khan also has stressed upon the seriousness of this matter and said that no delays will be tolerated. He further mentioned that a call for securing a safe environment for our citizens is a must.

He added that the legislation will be clear and transparent and will have strict enforcement and the rape victims will be able to register their complaints without any fear. The government will be concealing and protecting their identity.

There are reports which said that certain federal ministers have also recommended public hanging for the rape culprits. But it was decided that castration will be a start and in future other measures will also be added. The reports also say that the government mentioned that soon three-tier legislation, including registration of sex offenders, exemplary punishment for rape and child abuse, and effective policing will be introduced.

The PTI senator Faisal Javed Khan tweeted that the law will soon be presented in the Parliament for final approval.

There have been incidents in Pakistan like the incident of Kasur’s Zainab and the motorway gang-rape in Lahore, which became a cause of concern for the Pakistani government, leading to the decision of imposing severe punishment to prevent sexual assaults.