Is our home planet preparing to kill us, or is it us murdering the planet?

People think they can buy everything. But how will we buy fresh water when we would have soaked it all up. Freshwater is no more a natural resource. It has become a luxury.

One year on- South Sudan's independence

The beautiful continent of Africa is home to 121 crore people. It is inhabited by 299 species of mammals & 858 species of birds. As per recent research, half of the Africans lack access to clean water and nearly two-thirds of the population does not have access to sewage infrastructure. The governments of Africa as well as united nations, with the aid of various NGOs and helping countries, have tried to bridge the gap between necessity and availability of clean water and sewage infrastructure. Even after making endless efforts, there are still people in Africa who are unable to access basic water & sanitation amenities.

As per the research conducted by “” which covered 36 African countries in 2014/2015, 45% of Africans don’t have enough clean water for domestic use. Further, 36% of surveyed communities did not have access to a piped water system, and 68% lacked access to sewage infrastructure. 55% of Africans rates their governments as Fairly bad or very bad when it comes to feedback on how they handle water and sanitation services.

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The declining performance ratings of the government is an alarm on how irresponsible people can be when it comes to dealing with problems that don’t affect you. As per the Annual Human Development Report of the UN Development Programme, every person should have 20 litres of clean drinking water irrespective of their location, wealth or ethnicity.

The governments of UN Member countries have always shown promising dedication in environment-related matters. However, there has still been no praiseworthy improvement in situations of people like Africans.

This is maybe because conserving the planet is not only a government’s or an associations’ responsibility. It is, however, a combined act of all those people who are a member of this global family. Free water to every one shall help us to take a step further in human development. 

There are people somewhere in the world, who are trying to satisfy their quench for water by any means possible. As a human being, we must understand our responsibility towards other humans inhabiting this planet.

Some humans are behaving inhumanely by wasting water. The residents of countries where the citizens still have comfortable access to clean water should understand their responsibilities. People tend to leave showers running, leaving taps on while brushing & shaving. Instead of washing our cars daily, we should save it for those who actually need it.

Let us always keep in mind that every drop that we waste, can save a life somewhere.